my web-browsing pet peeves

before i retire for the day let me share what i've accomplished... and not HAHAHA

1. two backlogs slashed off! whew.
2. still no progress with the story board. cos every time i start to research, the internet slows down. hello peak hour and my ever so reliable Internet Service POORvider! grrrrr!!! rarrrghghghghg #SmartDoesn'tCare
3. uhm, 10 desperate attempts to speed rope gracefully. terai bought this uber expensive speed rope and i'm so fascinated about it, even though i keep on tripping and hitting myself. hihi

may ishe-share ako. i've been wanting to share this but i don't know how to put it hahaha

My web-browsing pet peeves, aka web elements that make me cringe

uhm. please don't hate me. i'm usually very OC with my layout so i notice a lot of things whenever i hop around the web. i'm going to be really honest though hehe

1. desperate ad placements

ads that block your reading view, and ads that you need to close in order to get some peace. they annoy me to the bones. oh, and also ads pretending to be text links such that when you accidentally hover on it, an invasive box appears. hayyy.

i understand how some people are just plain making a living out of it, but shouldn't you care about how those ads mess with user experience? >XS

2. pesky modals (or onload popups)

whether they be ads, or facebook widgets, or something else, it gives me the impression that you are suggesting i do something FIRST before we enter your page. ma-pride ako, i hate being told what to do first. for the record, i already wanted to see your page. but now i don't. chos.

plus daaangyou points for modals that frkn hide the close button, or obscure it in some condescending text like "NO THANKS, I DON'T WANT TO BE UPDATED WITH TIPS AND TRICKS THAT WILL IMPROVE MY HEALTH" ---- really? i'm being judged by closing a frkn modal!

3. non-responsive layout

i got to be honest. whenever i see a very handsome layout, i always resize the screen to see if it's responsive. for your own good, let me suggest you invest time or even money to turn your layout into a responsive one, because apparently google favors responsive layouts so it might have an effect on your ranking :)

4. baseline JPEGs aka pictures that take eons to load

- baseline/simple (non-progressive) JPEGs are pictures that load from top to bottom. you'll notice that when you have slow internet (like i do, argh).
- progressive JPEGs are pictures that start loading from a blurred/pixelized scan and progresses to a clear scan.

apparently, the latter loads faster. so word of advice for photo bloggers or those who put a lot of photos in their pages. save your images as progressive JPEGs. :)

in photoshop, before finishing the saving process, you are prompted to select a jpeg type, just tick on 'progressive' and leave the scans count to 3. :)

5. overflowing content
nope, not websites that have so much content. i'm talking about pictures too large they spill out of their containers and cover part of the sidebar or something. i have the same issue so i always resize my pictures. hehe


that's it so far. what about you? what annoys you a lot when you're browsing over the web?

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