a day off to do freelance work

ah. i'm starting to think i'm better off as a freelancer than an employee! here's why

1. i'm getting enough sleep. something you hardly get from a regular day job. i just read that sleep deprivation lowers the IQ. so if you're struggling on a project that demands overtime work to be rendered in succession, remind your leads that it's not an intelligent thing to do. lol

2. i get the right momentum to start the day. i eat a complete breakfast, a long and warm shower, and a few minutes of exercise. glorious isn't it.

3. i feel generally enthusiastic about starting work. uhm, with the assumption of course, that you love what you're doing freelance. well, doh, isn't freelancing more about doing what you love.

and finally...

4. i get to use my core gift to the core, and feel appreciated. like i actually matter, and that the gifts i have been blessed with are exactly what the world needs.

don't people crave for that sort of acknowledgement?

orayt. back to my burgeoning backlogs, and story boards! >8D

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