We are #TeamChocolateMousse!

the Christian life is a daily struggle, which is why i always turn to these beautiful ladies to affirm my resolve whenever i feel like the week has taken its toll on my good side. i thank God that i was given a wonderful victory group who has been very supportive of everything i do, who always keeps me in their prayers, and looks out after my spiritual life. :) 

among the many things i learned from them is the value of giving time to God every waking day.

every solitary minute you spend with God is priceless, and He values our time because it's a strong expression of our love. you'll never know what he wants to reveal to you through his word, and just the thought of realizing something from the Bible and channeling it out to the world already makes my day!

every saturday afternoon, we sit to gather in fellowship, catch up, and exchange thoughts about love, life, and everything. nothing really escapes us when it comes to being updated with everything! that's my kind of sweet ending to cap off the week that has been!

and speaking of sweet endings, here's another thing that will definitely add life to your day!

Cadbury Milk Chocolate is launching two exciting new flavors for us that will definitely give a sweeter cap off our busy days!

French Vanilla
Enjoy the light exquisite taste of Vanilla cream-filled chocolate with the new Cadbury. Dairy Milk French Vanilla. You can just imagine sitting in view of the Eiffel Tower while savoring this delicious treat! Try siting in a quaint café while enjoying the sites and this new flavor.

Chocolate Mousse
Then there’s Cadbury Dairy Milk’s Chocolate Mousse. Did you know that the word mousse in French means “foam?” Hear the strains of “La Vie en Rose” as you bite into the light and airy taste of chocolate-flavored cream covered in delicious milk chocolate. Watch the beautiful Manila sunset while on a Balcony and the experience of eating this chocolate will be just as romantic.

Guess which team we're in? haha if it's not too obvious from the picture yet, we're all rooting for Team Chocolate Mousse!

Traditionally, chocolate mousse is made by whisking egg whites and chocolate together to create that light and airy mixture that sits atop a chewy brownie.

And that's how we are together, light, fun, and a perfect cap off to a very busy weekend!

Cadbury Dairy Milk French Vanilla and Chocolate Mousse are available beginning November 2014 in the big and satisfying 180g pack for an SRP of only P180.00.

Hurry because they're only out for a LIMITED TIME ONLY! 

Which team are you in?

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