thank God

// because i was able to hold off publishing my previous draft because i swear, i'd be doomed for the amount of hatred i channeled on that post.

// also, i thank God that i was able to sleep some 12 hours last thursday cos i needed an immense amount of energy and creativity to continue sketching, here's a teaser of what i've been up to with regards to Super Labandera:

Super Labandera
it's the same prototype and i don't even know which page will use this HAHA anyway, that's the style i'm going to push for the entire book and it actually pretty excites me! i'm done with the paper sketches and i'm halfway on transferring the lines on photoshop, tonight i plan to finish the linearts, then sunday to tuesday i have to get serious with the pen tool and swatch colors like a madman cos hues be like crazy and i'm quite inconsistent with the hexes.

this pro-bono work is so much rewarding than what i'm doing right now (read: coding), i just hope i make it in time for the, uhm, soft deadline? i'm so bad with deadlines and you should know that. prayers please?

// another thing i'm thankful for, i kinda lost a kilo! or our scale is just malfunctioning haha. hmm to be fair, i downed 5 large tubs of salads last thursday, it's a lot but that's pretty much just lettuce! i love love love salads. it's healthy, i could eat a ton of it without feeling guilty, and still lose weight. haha >XD

// Global Test Market finally sent me another check (thank God), but it's still crappy. last time, they sent me a peso check but the bank account that issued the check has already closed. now, they issued me a freaking dollar check from a US bank that has no local presence.
first concern, i have to create a dollar account for that (and that already costs some $500).
second, i'm unsure if local banks can withdraw from a foreign bank that has no presence in this country.
third, it's going to be a dead cause if i get charged for that kind of transaction more than what the check can release.

it's like GTM doesn't want me, AT ALL, to withdraw my earnings! i thought i could give them the benefit of the doubt for trusting them the second time but then look.

haaay. will consult further on the matter on monday! haha

how about youuu? what do you want to thank God for this day? >XD

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