[Call for Sponsors] The Storytelling Project BOOK LAUNCH!

this month has been one of my busiest ever, the project we're working on at the office is under debug fixing so our hours have been very much in demand lately, including the weekends (which i sooo hate haha). then last month i got a wake up call from kuya rey and ate grace about my pending commitment to Super Labandera, they're targeting to launch the book this december so i was alarmed that i got less than a month left to finish the project. looking back, i wasn't so diligent with my tasks. the last time we talked about the project was March pa and i kindof forgot about it over the months even though i promised myself to work on it every weekend. sad.

anyway, guess what! i just finished the book! well not reallyyyyy since i still have a couple of pages to fill, but the entire story pages are now complete, CAN I CRY?! i'm just soooo happy that it turned out cute! and i'm also so thrilled that kuya rey and ate grace liked how it came out!

now i know how frkn hard it is to become an illustrator. emegeeeesh i can finally call myself an illustrator!!! best title evaaarrr! <3

now what? we have the soft copy but that's ours to keep, sorry. WHAT WE WANT YOU TO HAVE is the hard copy of course, tangible spreads of colors and stories bursting with values and culture and loooove. don't we all love that?

TSP is looking to launch two books by December, Uligmaya (retold by Aprille Joy of Mt. Province) and Super Labandera (by Jim Mark of Dagupan). They are products of our Litle Helpers from the story writing workshops with Ate Grace!

So, when there's a book launch, there has to be books, right??? That's where we need you guys!

TSP is looking for sponsors who can help make this event a reality! See poster for more details!


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