morning walks and #ProjectKorra

our so called jogger's avenue
a quick post before i sleep! 

this month, i promised myself i'd be working out at least 5 days a week. naaaaaks. so on july 1, i woke up relatively earlier, like 7am HAHA, to begin a morning routine that is hopefully going to brew into a lifestyle, WALKING FOR 1 HOUR! i'm calling this #ProjectKorra because the goal of this it to have a body like Korra (from The Legend of Korra). yes, Korra is my fitspiration. i'll be bending water in no time. wooh! aaaand, i'm also contemplating on something like not cutting my hair until #ProjectKorra is over (ie goal weight reached). yes. kasi if i fail, at least i got Korra's hair HAHAHA.

the plan was to alot an hour every morning before going to work, and just walk. what i do is:

- i do a warm up walk for 5 minutes. cos hell yeah, i just woke up
- for 30 minutes, i walk and jog alternately every time i reach a U-turn.
- then i do a cool down walk for 30 minutes. 

sometimes (maka-sometimes eh no, nakaka-3 days pa nga lang ako hahaha) when the sun is too hot to face, i walk backwards so my face won't burn haha. and in fairness, walking backwards is frkn harder than i thought!

anyway, i'm just happy that i got to do it for 3 consecutive days so far! and my sister goes with me too, but i'm always ahead for like 30 minutes cos she keeps on snoozing! arg.

right now my legs are awfully sore, and my right knee is starting to act up too so i had to wear a knee support whenever i jog. aw. it's annoying having to wear protective slash "porma"-tive gear like that cos i hate looking like a "pro" when i'm such a weakling (yes, i have fear of rejection and a towering pride, go psychoanalyze), haha as in, wow naka-knee support, headset, arm band, shades, cap, running shoes... sabay nadapa. #huhubels #exaggeration

ayon. we're just on day 3 so far. let's push this farther!

uhm, i don't have a diet to go along with this, cos right now i'm just trying increase my physical activity to compensate for my massive appetite haha, but i am slowly cutting off on junk foods. hihi

if you have any suggestions for a 1 hour walking routine for level 1 wannabe runners with breathing problems, please drop them in the comments area! i'd be more than happy to try it out! i accept diet suggestions too hehe >XD

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