hooray for a new lay!

aaaaaargh this is so frustrating! but it came out quite nice naman don't you think? HAHA did you know that i was holding all my pending blog entries (ie. church anniv, big b burgers, work rants) because i didn't want to plug with my old layout, not when i'm itching to "upgrade" to a new theme.

if you're curious about this theme, i just ripped this off somewhere (see attribution at the foot of this blog), and did my usual themeing arti-facts (read: ka-artihan). that means, changing the header image, header text, text alignments, fonts, a couple of 3rd party stuff, etc. the work is crazy. it took me hours upon hours just to get my desired, uhm, effect.

reason why i called it an upgrade is because this theme is now, *drumroll please*, RESPONSIVE! thank you, thank you google! i feel like this blog has just entered a new era! gone with static stuff! lol also, it fascinates me that i didn't have to insert jump breaks anymore because the layout came with automatic post snippets! yeheyy!

nitty-gritties because nothing is perfect:

  • still looking for ways to make the header background responsive as well. it kinda tiles horribly when you resize the screen. huhu
  • post title hover behavior is erratic! when you hover over title links, only the color should change. apparently, sometimes, it hovers to a weirdly line-spaced Arial which i find really disturbing. i think it may be because of slow loading or whatever. but i don't like it. haha
  • my AddThis social sharing buttons don't seem to be working here (so i had to retain the old addThis script that came with the layout). all the tutorials i found online seem to be outdated, AddThis has changed their code snippets to a generic script with specific js urls per account. but then i couldn't figure out where to put it. should i put it inside the head? do i just include that 2 lines in my template and all my activated tools in the AddThis dashboard will integrate automatically? beats meeeee!

for now let me just marvel on the purpleness of this domain. not my favorite color but idk. hehe

tell me what you think! :D

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