a dream is a wish your heart makes

i just had one of my most vivid dreams ever. here it goes:

//start dream

i was in the office and ms. sheela, one of our bootcamp trainers, approached me to talk to me in private. i was already apprehensive of the news. i knew they were gonna fire me so i asked her politely and quite happily if i'm going to be truncated. she said, "ayon." while smiling and flipping through some papers in her hand (which i thought was my termination letter already). haha

after the announcement, though, i was extremely happy. what's wrong with me. seriously. i was even excited about what happened. i was all too perky even as i told my batchmates i'll be leaving soon.

after that i called one of my friends, brendo, to refer me to HP cos i'm sure to finally accept their offer this time. hahaha!

when i got home i asked my sister if everything is real, that i'm finally jobless, and she said "of course not!"

//end dream

that's when i woke up, to the deafening sound of the rain pouring down, completely saddened by the fact that  i'm still 2.5 years away from uhhh, freedom?

what could this possibly mean? HAHAHA henako. i need some heavy career counseling talaga. >XD

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