nah, just sleep it over (bitter mode)

hehehe, i'm quite happy today because our es10a teacher dismissed us 2 hours early, yeah!!!

@ okok, honestly speaking, i'm not yet comfortable with the idea of adding a new batch to our org. maybe because THEY'RE A LOT. err, that's actually a good thing, i'm being selfish...sorry. err, maybe because i'm still enjoying being part of the newest batch. jealous? hah, that sucks.

isa pa, ok? I CAN'T FEEL THEM. seriously. hindi ako natural na kupal, though people say i do look mataray... it's hard for me to act bitchy around these applicants but at the same time i'm enjoying it because i don't want to see them enjoying the reporting process. in short, i'm this type of fucking villain who hates seeing the protagonist stretch her cheek muscles even for the faintest smile. bitter! grabe, hahahaha that's why i want them to experience the exact (or even more) hardships our batch went through.

@ the consti night was extremely easy. for 2 hours they just sat there listening to the consti reading (may natutulog pa nga, ptngna). then when it was time to group them for the slightly harder part, there weren't enough time for us to make them suffer because it's nearly 10 and the police is already warning us.
gulay talaga o! our batch, for the most part, endured the whole of the consti night squatting and doing pumpings.

IT WAS THE HARDEST NIGHT FOR US. we were drained physically and mentally. i broke down on the way home, i was fucking too exhausted. what the fuck, WE ALL CRIED.

well, that's the bitter part of being in such a small group... fuckdammit we're just 3! they're 26! how much easier can it get?!?!?

@ i think it will have to take time for me to completely accept their batch. well, i do accept a few of them, some who made sense to me (even those who didn't report). i guess i have to make an effort to know who they really are, individually. eh ano ba yan, ayaw magreport! takot sa kupal. haynaku.

@ life is a matter of perspective, i've realized. hahaha.

@ crush talk. note: i'm still 17! i have to right to rant about who makes my stupid heart flutter. hahahaha

ang wierd kasi eh. minsan kinikilig na lang ako ng walang dahilan. tapos pag kinilig ako iisipin ko pa kung sino sa mga crush ko ang dahilan. grabe. anong klase yun?! basta pag kasama ko sila masaya naman... i mean, hindi naman sabay sabay na kasama grabe super polygamous ko naman. hahahaha, wala lang natutuwa lang ako na makita sila. lalo pa kung nakikipagtawanan ako sa kanila diba... mababaw kasi ako eh. or simply, basta gusto mo yung tao tatawa ka sa lahat ng hirit nya kahit corny naman.

ganun naman diba? i mean, haller, kung galit sa isang tao you wouldn't even laugh at his funniest joke. pero di nga, masaya magka-crush. it makes me closer to reality. lol. so parang, on Ryan Agoncillo hiatus muna ako ngayon (kahit na nadagdagan na naman ng isang pic nya ang wallet ko hahaha) kasi ang dugyot na ng itsura nya sa ysabella, what's with the lino broca (sp?) look? isa pa nung nasa deal or no deal sya kabuhok na nya yung adik sa buhok sa charlie's angels. parang, FREAK! bakit nagkaganyan kaaaaa! sinisira lang ata ni juday ang image mo.

bago naging sila ni juday, ang tingin ko kay ryan mga supermodel ang type. but fuckdammit when the news broke out about the two of them, parang, huh? i can't believe ganyan ang mga tipo mo, ryan! i mean, si juday kasi pang-masa, si ryan mejo elitista. and now, it seems like juday dragged him to the brink of ka-chipipayan. sorry, and harsh ng mga sinulat ko.

diba nga bitter pa ako?!??!?!!!!

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