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How to transfer Paypal funds to your BPI Savings Account

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Yes! You can actually withdraw your paypal funds to your BPI ATM account! tried it last week and it worked! Here's how...


1. a verified Paypal account
2. Paypal funds (of course)
3. a BPI Savings account (yep, that regular ATM account you have, could even be your payroll acct :D)


1. Add your BPI bank account to paypal
- Login to
- Hover over "Profile" and click on "Add/Edit Bank Account"
- Click "Add" and fill out the form:

Take note of the following:

  • Name on account: your paypal name and bank account name MUST MATCH otherwise you'll be charged Php 250.00
  • Bank Name: Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)
  • Bank Code: 010040018
  • Account Number: the 10-digit number at the back of your ATM card

2. Transfer funds
- Once you have registered your bank account at paypal, you may now request for withdrawal
- Navigate to "Withdraw" and click on "Withdraw funds to your bank account" (take note of the charges)
- Fill out amount to be withdrawn >> then select the bank account you just added earlier >> then click on "Continue"

3. Done!
Following the succeeding steps and you will be notified via email by paypal about your request for withdrawal. it will take 2-4 days for the amount to reflect on your bank account and you will be charged another Php 150.00 by the bank. i withdrew last March 16 and got the money on March 18 nighttime. that's pretty fast you know! hehe

For this transaction i was charged a total of 200 pesos (50 by paypal, and 150 by BPI).

Also, on your account statement it will be listed off as a REMITTANCE.

That's it, hope this helps! 

Have you tried withdrawing your funds to your ATM yet? :)