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whew... tired

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glad the week's over! yay!
i've been craving for rest! but i just can't afford anymore absences because of the quizzes and other requirements...

oh, let me talk about the english campaign... the idea actually sounds good, at first we'll all sound wierd... talking english in tagalog accent...o.O horrible i know, but eventually we made oursleves believe that after the end of the campaign (which will be by the end of the schoolyear) we'll be fluent in speaking in english!

that's a promising enough reward that could motivate us with pushing through this uhm... kinda-embarassing pit...?

my sister's here again! as usual... oh well, and she bought me another pasalubong... guess what? it's very simple actually...

just a bar of kitkat... the ordinary red kitkat... hehe.. unfortunately... MOM CAUGHT ME EATING IT! i wasn't supposed to eat sweets because i still have my sore throat... but she hid it and told me she'll return it when i'm over this illness...
as if?!?!?!

grrr... i want my kitkat back!
tss... i'll just buy one later.... hehe...