What a nightmare

This is so stressful. Today I made a 30k deposit at one BPI Cash Accepting Machine around 1:24am. Up to now the money has not been credited yet. I already reported the complaint to 89100, emailed bpiexpressonline about my problem, and went to the BPI branch it happened to personally file a complaint.

This isn't the first time it happened. But this is the longest I'm waiting for it to get resolved. I wonder what gives.

The terminal didn't show any error messages. The transaction completed, it was unable to print a receipt but I continued anyway, which was my bad. But still, the transaction seemed to went through but when I checked the app the balance didn't change.

My fear is that the money in the machine would not be found and that they cannot find my transaction logged in the CAM. Or that the machine didn't take my money and the next depositor found it on the tray and took it. Is that possible? That money is intended for our Singapore trip in 2 weeks. And I couldn't sleep properly because of it. So much that I literally had a nightmare, not related to it, but a nightmare nonetheless.

In my dream my husband and I were walking along EDSA guadalupe area in what seemed to be a post-apocalyptic scene, the atmosphere was grim, the world is in Sepia. We were headed to our car which was parked along the road, when we passed by this man who was wailing about his son who got killed in a freak motor accident. The body is still on the ground. Head to chest he was sliced perfectly. And get this, the bust is trying to walk. The father was crying and walking along with him. As we went ahead of them I said sorry. Then I cried afterwards to my husband.

Really hope to get my money back as soon as possible. :(

UPDATE (Jan 26, 5:24am): I got my money back! Thank you Lord!

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