2018 Wrapped

One day, I asked my husband about how the year 2018 was for him because I was curious what he considered his highlights were. I thought maybe I could pull from his wins, after all we're a couple hahaha! But really, I was having a hard time crafting this post because top of my mind I couldn't think of anything exceptional about 2018. It seemed like one of those steady years where nothing extraordinary happened. Sakto lang. But once I started looking back, I realized that ooooh it's quite an eventful year naman pala. I guess it's because nothing really rattled me personally so it's easier to rate 2018 as a sakto lang year. It's as if I measure a year by its negativity lol. Looking back I could say 2018 was actually a stress free year and a very positive one too. And that's new coming from a usually pessimistic person. I also realized that most of my highlights involved the two of us as a couple and not just me, and that kinda struck me differently. Like, okay, there's a man in my life now and our lives are merging. What now?

My life is becoming more about US now and I guess I'm still adjusting to the change. I used to be very selfish you know.

So what the hell happened in 2018?

  • In March
  • In April
    • We sold our condo unit and earned a sizable profit from the sale
  • In May
    • We invested in agribusiness
    • And also invested in a family friend's business
  • In June
    • We took the car and leased a parking space
  • In September
    • We celebrated our first anniversary at Sofitel
  • In October
    • I was offered a 6-digit position at another company
    • My current company responded with a c-o
    • Aaaand I took it
    • Also, I hit the 6-digit mark from my sidelines!
  • In November
    • I drove to Tagaytay (first long drive) to celebrate my birthday
    • Completed the NO LATE NOVEMBER challenge
    • Received my 13th month pay

Thank God for the good year that was.

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