Waiting for the weekend

Last week was cool. I was able to accomplish two weekly goals (no lates and an average of 7hrs of sleep) so I'm pretty hopeful for this week. I filed for a birthday leave tomorrow and I'm so excited about it. We're staying 2 nights at Tagaytay where I booked a bnb. It's the first time I'm coordinating an out of town trip with the family so I'm pretty thrilled.
Monday (Nov 12)
○ Bus going to the office - ₱15
○ Costa Primo Iced Mocha - ₱140
○ Rice - ₱20
○ Driver's license medical and renewal fee - ₱1,003
V&M Exfobomb and CPC+G Oil - ₱730
○ Shopee - ₱1,575

☽  Slept 7hrs 58mins
★ In at 3:06PM
✧ Spent ₱1,923

Okaaaay, I should've done my shopping during the weekend no? I'm way over budget today but I don't care 'cos I was just waiting for the right time to purchase all those (referring to V&M and Shopee) hehe. Today was rather exhausting, I thought I lost my driver's license so I had to commute to work and try to find it. That also meant I had been driving without a license for the past few days. Thankfully, I remember handing it to BPI last week when I was applying for a 3rd party account, and true enough when I came there, they kept my license. Hooray for not needing to spend 200+ for a notarized Affidavit of Loss! So yeah, after getting my card at BPI I rushed to LTO and applied for renewal. They don't accept change status requests so for the next 5 years my Driver's License will still bear my maiden name. Kebs lang kaso I was looking forward to a more handy ID with my married eh. I only have my passport lol.
Tuesday (Nov 13)
○ Parking - ₱110
○ Costa Primo Iced Mocha - ₱140
○ Rice - ₱20

☽  Slept 5hrs 47mins
★ In at 3:32PM
✧ Spent ₱270

I love today's baon. I cooked pritong tangigue with atchara on the side (from my mom). Ang saraaaapp! Still swamped with RPA tasks lol but I'm feeling positive about it haha.

Wednesday (Nov 14)
○ Bus to work - ₱15
○ Costa Primo Iced Mocha - ₱0 ***
○ Rice - ₱20
○ Betadine gargle - ₱140
○ Bus going home - ₱15

☽  Slept 6hrs 39mins
★ In at 3:52PM
✧ Spent ₱190

I just had to highlight Costa under expenses because they gave me free coffee! Turns out that the iced mocha they served me yesterday was too bland. I noticed it too, there's less choco syrup. The manager asked me about it awhile ago and I told her that indeed it has less chocolate, so she offered to replace it! Aww suki privilege! Thank you Costa Coffee, I'm loving you more each day! :D

Also today, we had our annual APE. I lost weight in fairness but I can't feel it lol.

Another thing today, my ahjumma Mhy sent me a box of tea from Dubai! Bonggaaa, may pa-kutsarita pa HAHA!

To be honest I'm feeling kinda lucky today, during our meeting with the director my manager informed us that he's signing me up for an RPA Conference next year. Huwow. I feel honored!

Can I just say that I'm really enjoying creating RPA workflows right now. The current processes we're working on is unearthing the developer in me. UIPath isn't really a code heavy interface, in fact it's frkn drag and drop. But the data being processed always needs to be normalized, cleaned up, formatted, or whatever. And this is where string manipulation techniques and basic programming come into play. Hopeful to get this technology rolled out in the firm, maybe we can even create an RPA team or something LOL.


Okay I thought I was having an unusually lucky day but no. Shocking news: Pastor Aris, or Paris as we call him, died today. Unexpectedly. He just collapsed and they were unable to revive him at the hospital. Hay Lord. I will miss him a lot. His sermons, his tight handshake, his counseling. I will miss catching him go down the Podium after service... because for some reason he always vanishes from the stage after the closing prayer and suddenly he's down the hall entrance greeting us. :( Too soon, Lord.

Thursday (Nov 15)
○ Parking - ₱110
○ Crappy UCC Iced Cafe Mocha - ₱200
○ Medicines - ₱442.25
○ Shades - ₱649
○ Grocery - ₱68.05

☽  Slept 7hrs 22mins
★ In at 2:33PM
✧ Spent ₱1,469.30

This afternoon I went to Greenbelt for a while to get new shades and buy some cheese spread. On the way back I decided to try UCC's cafe mocha to see if it's any good. IT'S TERRIBLE. SO FRKN TERRIBLE. It's too sweet I had to dump it down the drain, literally. Such a waste of money. Remind me not to get adventurous when it comes to coffee. Nitro 7 and Costa will remain my favorite mocha makers. PERIOD.

I'm sick today (of all days) so I had to take extreme measures to get well. Also because I didn't want to spend my birthday weekend wheezing my life out. I'm drinking a lot of water, regularly taking BioFlu, taking 2 doses of vitamin C, and just now I invested in a throat spray. It's more handy than a gargle and I feel like it targets my throat much better without me gagging. It's kinda pricey though so there's that.


I'm capping off my work week today because I'm on leave tomorrow (guess what!). And so, in summary:
  • I'm still in for NO LATE NOVEMBER! I didn't think it was possible! Yahoo!
  • I spent a whopping ₱3,852.30 this week. But that's okay because I renewed my license and bought medicines. As for my shopping spree, if you could call it that, I just bought the essentials. I'm out of Exfobomb and CPC+G oil, the car's matting is getting old, and I broke my 3-year-old signature shades and replaced it. So yeah.
  • I slept an average of... 6hrs and 56mins. Awwww, not good. :( 
Have a happy weekend!

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