The week that was: waiting for sweldaaaay

Helloooooo! So for the last week, I spent a total of ₱1,036, slept an average of 7hrs and 31 mins , and STILL --- NO LATES!!! Noice.

Monday (Nov 19)
I called in sick today 'cos I haven't fully recovered from flu. Yes, I spent my birthday weekend sick and fighting it but I still had a blast. It was my first long drive and I thank God for keeping us safe always! Today all I did was sleep!

☽  Slept 12hrs 52mins
✧ Spent ₱75

Tuesday (Nov 20)
☽  Slept 6hrs 6mins
★ In at 3:44PM
✧ Spent ₱315

I almost got late because it took a lot of time for me to get a parking slot. Today at work we were so busy shooting clips for our Movie Trailer project. It's a contest for our Thanksgiving celebration on Thursday and it's so fun to do. I initially thought it would be a drag to produce something like this but boy my manager is a photography and film enthusiast so you could tell we had a taste of prod life under his direction. I didn't think shooting scenes and assisting on the lights and effects could be so fuuun bwahaha!
Wednesday (Nov 21)
☽  Slept 5hrs 35mins
★ In at 3:36PM
✧ Spent ₱210

I'm sleeping less and less omg this can't beeee! Can I blame Netflix? Kim's Convenience is just so hard to drop. And What's wrong with Secretary Kim just started airing too! I've been waiting for Netflix to get the series, so finally!

The company held a Thanksgiving Salu-Salo today so yey for free food aaaand Turkey!

I'm at this point in my life where I'm considering dropping all my sidelines just to get more rest and me time (read books, learn new piano pieces, EXERCISE). I've had two graphic design inquiries and my articles just keep on piling, and as much as I want to keep on working, it feels like it's not worth it anymore ever since my salary got updated. In short, I may not need the extra income anymore because I'm already earning extra.

BUT OF COURSE, sidelines like these keep my uhm creative juices flowing and I thought maybe I could just keep whatever I earn and save it for car things. You know, maintenance, insurance, accessories, blah. Having a car is like raising a child, so expensive (like I would know?!).

Thursday (Nov 21)
☽  Slept 6hrs 8mins
★ In at 3:21PM
✧ Spent ₱110

Today is our department's Thanksgiving Celebration and aside from my excitement for the food, I'm also excited about how our movie trailer will come out! Looking forward to it hahaha!

Okay it's over! SO MUCH FUUUUN! We won best trailer and bagged all the awards WOW! Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Movie Trailer yehey thank you Lord! I'm so proud of my groupmates, most especially my boss who's a film enthusiast so alam mo yun sisiw sa editing! HAHA

Here's my 3 second part in the trailer bwahaha. Trimmed and converted to gif to save uhm resources? Also our trailer is unlisted on Youtube so I can't really share? Dunno.

Yesss mahangin sa basement.

It's truly a day of thanksgiving. Our 13th month pay just came in too! Huhuhu thank you Lord!

Friday (Nov 22)
☽  Slept 6hrs 56mins
★ In at 3:28PM
✧ Spent ₱326

Our 13th month pay was credited yesterday and I'm so frkn happy! First of all, I got a full month with my updated basic pay. And also, it was credited along with our salaries so yes I feel so rich. But it's fleeting of course. Jeckie and I have no plans of splurging. We're saving our bonuses to add to our dollar investment so that we can totally take over paying the car with its proceeds. :)

Nothing much is going on at work, I guess everyone's busy for the holidays? :D

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