Wedding gown hunt: Divisoria

Hay I'm so lazy to chronicle what happened months back during our visits to Divi, specially that I'm writing this 5 months late hahaha. So eto na lang, let me show you the winning gown, as well as a couple of other gowns I tried from various parts of Divi that I'm not ashamed to show you hahaha. LOL isa lang naman ata hahaha


Brought this at Blitz - 168 Mall for ₱8,500 only, accessories included. Most of the gowns I tried range from ₱10,000 to ₱15,000 so I was really sold when I scored this for a lower price. It's the only gown I tried that didn't need alteration so pak, we got it right away. It's an off-shoulder, ball gown with a-line petticoat so the skirt doesn't open too big. 

In fairness, props to our photographer Dave Sarabia for making our wedding elements look mahal HAHAHA. I know right, nasa photographer talaga. 

Here's how it looks when I tried it on sa Divi. It looks really niiiice and not cheap looking hahaha. In fact when I was wearing it around the store there were people asking the ate how much the gown is. Tas si ate pa-simple na ₱12,000 daw. Wow naman sinuot ko lang tumaas agad ang value! Charot.

If you're going to look for RTW gowns in Divisoria, I suggest you look in the air-conditioned malls na lang because dyahe magsukat sa labas promise! 

168 Mall is already brimming with choices, go visit the basement, ground floor (not sure), 4th and 6th floor. Blitz is at the 4th floor around the escalators pala. :D Dragon Mall has a lot of choices too but they're on the pricier side already. 

Aside from 168 Mall we also scoured the streets outside because we heard there are tons of great options there as well. True enough, sobrang daaaaaamiii sa labas. We went to Ylaya, Tabora, and the dry markets in between the streets. They're filled with patahians and you'll go crazy with the gowns too. Downside is sobrang init and ang haggard magsukat. As in. 

Be prepared, there are no fitting areas in the stalls. Wear comfortable clothing, pieces where you can slip in and out easily. Buti na lang I was trying purely ball gowns so I had the space under the skirt to undo my clothes. Kebs lang din naman cos hello, what is Divi. Not for maartes (like me, internally). We carried through and I was able to try 2 gowns at the palengkes which are all super sikip on me so waley. Bye.

So... yon.

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