Money Diaries: a week in November

In which I talk about my week by sharing my expenses. But first, here's a giant Christmas tree being set up at the office. It's maybe 3 floors tall. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

The last time I did this was seven months ago, and back then it didn't sound so legit because I still live with my parents and thus get a lot of things for free. And yet I still spent over 3,000 that one week lol. Anyway, this time it's for real. We're now living off of our salaries and man is it so hard so keep a strict budget on everything.

I'm hoping to taper my expenses by limiting my milk tea, salad, and coffee consumption, and also confining myself to eating only those that I packed from home. ALSO, I want to quit taking Grab/Uber/Taxi because sobrang gastos aaarggh but they're always so tempting especially when I'm running late for work or feel like going home faster. Anyway, thank God we did the grocery last Saturday so our pantry's pretty full. Plus our parents still come by to stock our ref with food. What is #Blessedt.

★ Monday (November 6) - ₱28 YASSS!!!
○ Bus going to the office - ₱14
○ Bus going home - ₱14

Mind you I brought so much food with me. For snacks I had 3 choco wafers, 3 one one's lol, and cinnamon bread x arla cheese spread sandwich (so goood). My lunch is corned beef flakes, and super garlicky chicken breast.

Free food:
♥ My officemate brought imported cheese. It's packaged like an oversized sausage, smells like tinapa, and tastes delicious. I think it's smoked gouda cheese. I googled that.
♥ Milo from the pantry
♥ Joined a forum at the office where they served snacks afterwards. Was able to score a ton of  hors d'oeuvres. Theres maki, vegetable sticks with super yummy asian sauce, wheat crostinis with amazing liver spread sauce, ham balls in crazy garlic mayo sauce. My goodness everything tasted so goooood huhu.

So you see, no chance I'm buying food outside. Free food is life.

★ Tuesday (November 7) - ₱478 
○ Bus going to the office - ₱14
○ CSR contribution - ₱450 (which will go to filling 5 shoe boxes of school supplies for kids)
○ Bus going home -  ₱14

Was so tempted to grab a cab going home 'cos it was almost 1am when I timed out, but in the name of cost cutting and our burgeoning bills, bus it is!

★ Wednesday (November 8) - ₱3,356.82
Had to pay our monthly dues asap because I can't make coffee and rice. In short, I'll die. Our condo supplies us with drinking water as long as we pay our dues on time hehe.

○ Condo dues - ₱1,516.36
○ Utilities - ₱1,812.46

I wasn't supposed to count them under my expenses but for the meantime I'm paying for them 'cos we're broke AF.

○ Bus going to the office - ₱14
○ Bus going home - ₱14

This afternoon I finally got my backpay and my clearance from Pointwest. Yey for money in the next three days, which will be gone in an instant because we have debts to pay lol.

Also, I accidentally withdrew funds from Paypal which I was supposed to convert to PHP. Crap. That means I'm getting charged 300 when it reaches my bank account. Huhu. I'm praying for more writing assignments this long weekend so I can save enough to pay for my credit card. Have I mentioned we're broke AF?

Okay, I just informed my client that I'm open to accepting more writing tasks this week due to the long weekend. Who cares about my birthday. Let there be more work cos I have bills to pay!

I swear when my check gets cleared I'm going to pour all my freelance earnings to balancing out our dues. It's gone crazy.

Another good news, I've reached the threshold on Google Adsense. AFTER A MILLION YEARS YOU GUYS. I'm gonna get my first-hand experience cashing out on Western Union. It's only a hundred dollars but still, I'm thrilled for Google Mail!

★ Thursday (November 9) - ₱ 107.08
Before heading to work I had to meet someone for an OLX transaction so hooray for earning extra cash!

○ Bus going to Ayala - ₱12
○ Grocery - ₱81.08
○ Bus going home - ₱14

It's raining hard outside and the temptation to ride a cab home is unbearable. But nope, must stick to the budget.

★ Friday (November 10) - ₱ 298
I was running late for work so I decided to book GrabShare. Too bad I still arrived late. Waste of money, so never again.

○ GrabShare to the office - ₱164
○ GoSalads Smoothie - ₱120
○ Bus going home - ₱14

★ Saturday (November 11) - ₱ 0
Stayed at home all day. Jeckie did the laundry, I cleaned the bathroom and vacuumed the floor. We spent hours and hours watching Brooklyn Nine Nine. SO HILARIOUS. Officially one of my favorite sitcoms now! We ate whatever's on the fridge.

I can't believe I'm seeing a zero day. It pays to be an introvert guys, literally.

★ Sunday (November 12) - ₱ 398
Grab to Shangrila Plaza - ₱44 (promo)
Lunch - ₱136 (that's KFC + Zagu)
Snack - ₱45 (Nova)
Dinner - ₱173 (Chowking)

We were out the entire day. Met with the family, went to church, visited some friends who live nearby (which we learned just this afternoon haha). Not proud of my food choices, but I loved my Zagu Pearl Milk Tea hehe.

Total? ₱4,665.90. Damn the dues. No pun intended.

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