Wedding blahs: a directory of all my wedding related posts

Soooo, seems like I've written quite a lot about our wedding so here's a more organized way to go through them. If you notice, navigating from the label link won't give you a good experience because the paging is crazy (but you can still try). So here's a bunch of bullets for you. No link means I'm still working on them, so nag me if you must 'cos I like to forget about things on purpose huehue.

Hay eto na hahaha
Preps stage aka trying stuff here and there
Catering hunt:
Venue hunt:
Gown hunt:
Sponsored posts
Here are collab requests I got from a couple of shopping sites. I had fun doing them 'cos it felt like I'm getting paid for all the wedding related research I've done. Which is true!

Musings in chronological order
A couple of personal posts where our wedding planning was mentioned. Nothing valuable here unless you'd like a taste of my casual rants and chronic oversharing.

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