Why the Sony α5000 is the perfect blogging companion

I didn't think I'd be interested in investing in blogging tools but here I am, marveling at the specs of one such camera that wasn't even my dream cam... at least before I found out about it. Actually, my dream camera was the Fuji X70. For one, David Guison uses it ♥ But when I was out researching about it, I found two things that disappointed me: 1) It's too expensive, and 2) it's not available anymore LOL.

Thus followed the search for an alternative. My requirements are simple. I just want something similar to the X70; small and compact, mirrorless (I don't even know what that means, but it sounds hip), and has flip screen (because selfies).

I was amused to find there are so many out there at a much affordable price range. And the winner?

The Sony α5000
(Sony ILCE-5000)

Mirrorless? Check
Flip screen? Check
Compact? Check!
Price? ₱13k less than the X70, are you kidding me? Triple check that!

Now let's delve in further at what makes this camera arguably the best blogging companion you could ever have! It doesn't matter what niche you're in, whether you're a vlogger or a food, fashion, lifestyle, or travel blogger, the Sony α5000 covers all your photography needs in one handy and powerful gadget.

Key Features

 20.1MP Exmor® APS HD CMOS sensor
This hardware is one of the reasons Sony has earned the world's approval as being the #1 manufacturer of image sensors for digital cameras and recorders. This sensor is responsible for capturing world-class photos rich in detail and sporting a dynamic range of colors.

BIONZ X™ image processing engine
Another piece of hardware that lends itself to Sony's long time legacy of producing photos with lifelike detail and superior quality. Together with the Exmor®, Sony cameras equipped with these hardware have better noise reduction capabilities, and produce very realistic images.

 180° tiltable LCD screen
Need I say more? Perfect for self portraits!

★ Full HD shooting and recording
Shoot movies in 1080p resolution and don't worry a bit about noise and grain. Rest assured that all frames are captured beautifully and expertly processed.

Wi-Fi® and NFC One-touch
Easily transfer your photos from your camera to your phone by turning on the Wi-Fi or NFC feature of your cam. Also, Sony's One-touch remote enables you to control your camera straight from your phone! All of these features make the Sony α5000 a formidable player in the world of mirrorless DSLRs, and for bloggers out there still looking to fortify their tools of trade, this makes for a very sound investment. With a price point of roughly ₱22,999.00? Shut up and take my money please put it on sale, Sony!

For Food Bloggers

Despite its size, you'd be surprised to find this cutie has interchangeable lens! Yup, something missing from the X70 lol (I'm picking on the Fuji 'cos I can't afford it okay). So if you're savvy enough, get a Sony E-mount lens kit fit for such macro food shots. Otherwise, the α5000's superior auto function has macro settings perfect for close up shots.

For Fashion Bloggers

Grab a tripod, mount the α5000, and flip the screen up. Yep, you don't need to get your boyfriend to do your OOTD shots anymore haha. If you feel like you're gonna be posing too far from the camera for a full body shot, here's a good news: The Sony α5000 has one-touch remote technology, so you can take the shot from your phone! How awesome is that. Uhm, you can tell your boyfriend to watch the camera na lang hehe.

For Beauty Bloggers

Guys you can flip the LCD of this camera! It's actually one of my favorite features, also a non-negotiable for me 'cos it's really one of the major things I'm looking for in a camera. I super love this feature because it lets you take accurate self-portraits (aka selfies) because duh you can adjust live haha. No more taking a test pic and checking the gallery if you've properly positioned yourself on the right grid. Its 180° tiltable LCD screen makes shooting yourself and your squad much easier!

Also, Sony α5000's Soft Skin Effect ensures your skin is smoothened and relieved of wrinkes and dullness, leaving you with perfectly composed and beautiful shots. :)

For Lifestyle Bloggers

For lifestyle bloggers who are always out and about hopping from one event to another, it may be a struggle for some to keep all their socials updated with exceptional photos to boot. Good thing the Sony α5000 has built-in WiFi with NFC so you can seamlessly connect your camera to your phone, copy the photos you want, and update your social media accounts live, wherever you are.

For Travel Bloggers

Equipped with award winning and consumer preferred hardware, it's no doubt you'll be able to capture all your travel photos perfectly. Its high sensitivity lets you shoot in any type of environment, whether at night or in a sunny field (just not underwater, okay?). Never miss a memory with the α5000.

And might I add, I love the size of this one because it's not bulky at all, so it feels much safer to carry around when you're out travelling. :)

For Vloggers

Need I say more? Get a mini tripod, mount the powerful α5000, flip the screen, and shoot your next YouTube content in full HD. Get your channel up and running with high quality videos and have fun editing it on iMovie or Final Cut Pro! :D

BONUS: Free DSLR Training!

Yes there's more! Of course you didn't get a DSLR to shoot in mighty superior auto right? That would be unspeakable (joooooke). If you want to learn more about how to fully utilize your Sony camera and explore all the possibilities you can do with it, join Sony's Basic Digital Photography Class for free! Just register your serial on sdw.sony.com.ph and reserve a slot on your preferred schedule. They hold regular classes every Saturday at select Sony Centres nationwide (SM Megamall and Glorietta to name a few!). :)

For more details about this awesome camera, head on to the official Sony Philippines website here.


Disclaimer: This blog post is an entry to Yugatech's giveaway contest. All product photos are taken from Sony Philippines website. Stock photos are from Unsplash.com. 

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