[Review] Plan:Eat Diet Delivery

Okay so this is my third attempt at making diet deliveries work for me and so far, (I'm) so baaaaaaad.

The good thing with Plan:Eat is that it's the most affordable (so far) among its competitors. While others would charge a gross amount of ₱1,700 to ₱1,900 for 1200cal/week, Plan:Eat only bills you ₱1,300 and that already includes delivery. Havey!

You can trust Plan:Eat to be true to the caloric content of your meals, but if you're more picky and is sensitive to the macro ratio of their servings, go look somewhere else 'cos as far as I've observed, their meals don't seem that balanced hehe. For me though, since I'm only looking into cutting my food intake, I couldn't care less about the protein > carbs > fat ratio. Well, you could say that if I only wanted to eat less I could've just bought my own food and try to eat less with my own efforts, BUT CAN I REALLY DO THAT? lol

The problem with their meals is that it kinda beats the purpose of healthy living and eating a balanced diet. Imagine if you're trying to beef up and you subscribe to their 2000 calorie meal plan to offset your workout routine, I don't think your body would get the right sustenance to keep those muscles pumped.

Anyway, here's my take on their Asian menu:

Day 1: Woooh sarap!

Sorry, forgot to take off the covers!
I super love the Chicken Ginger Jook! It's really just a fancy name for chicken aroz caldo haha but it's very savory. The matcha choco-chip muffin tasted repulsive at first because the matcha is too strong, but eventually I started to like it! I don't drink Nescafe 3-in-1 so I didn't touch it, saved me 12.2g of sugar yesssss (lol as if)!

I ate my lunch and dinner meals at the same time late at night and hoooooly they were so yummy.

And thus I slept with a happy tummy.

Day 2: Hmmmmm

Stupid me microwaved the butter cheese toast and kaya spread so the bread went all soggy and the spread's container got deformed lol. Anyway, I just had to let them cool down so I could eat them in their proper form hehe. Good thing the spread didn't taste like plastic. Uhm, it was okay hehe. Not a fan of toast, and the kaya spread tastes like bukayo.

I didn't like my lunch, I'm not a fan of katsu and the serving was really small so I didn't enjoy it that much. I liked the sesame slaw though. :) I ate the apple and coconut-corn pudding (i.e. maja blanca) as dessert cos I'm still so hungry haha.

The beef pho was the only thing I liked in this set.

Day 3: Errr

Breakfast was weird. The texture of the okonomiyaki and the rice cake (ie. puto) doesn't complement each other, They're both so dry. Lunch was a bit better though! I liked the rice pilaf (ie. namnam rice, or that's just me lol) and bulgogi with veggies. I was a bit worried for dinner cos I don't like laksa but hmm it tastes okay naman! Haha

I noticed there's always anise in their meals. There's one in Day 1 lunch, another in Day 2 dinner, and this time I bit one in my laksa. Wow. Such Asian.

Day 4: Redemption at last!

Everything tasted good! The Japchae was not too savory but the serving is good. Kimchi rice tasted nice too and it's not that spicy so yeyy. Pan de coco tasted nostalgic haha. Pork asado and steamed buns = deconstructed siopao. It's cute.

Day 5: Last ko na to

I ate super late 'cos I thought they forgot to deliver my food, only to find out it's been sitting at the ground floor lobby of our building because the guard (who's new) didn't take it upstairs to my office! That means it's been outside the ref for more than 12 hours. Aaaaargh.

I can only comment on the bangus with veggies 'cos it's the only one that didn't spoil. I love it! It's a very simple meal, kaso white rice sya so, yeyy calories! Haha I actually finished the egg drop soup even though it tasted pasira na, I thought baka ganun talaga lasa ng egg drop soup na madaming kung ano anong gulay so yeahh. I must be so hungry to overlook that. 

The soba noodles with chicken and peanut sauce smelled weird too. It's my first time to encounter this dish so, again, I gave it the benefit of the doubt na baka ganun talaga sya. I endured a couple of forks, thinking this isn't so bad, it's like kare kare sauce with super soggy pasta (would you eat that?). Eventually I stopped my nonsense and threw it away. IT WAS REALLY BAD.

The dessert was super yummy though, really cleansed my tongue with all the bad luck I've allowed in haha.


Well, I lost a lot... of money, patience, and trust, so I'm never doing this again. In general, I only liked about 50% of the food they delivered so I can't fully recommend it to anyone yet. But if you're looking for cheaper alternatives to calorie counted meals, this will do. Maybe I just got the wrong menu? I was more looking forward to their Italian Menu! Oh yeah, check the menu first before ordering... though I'm not sure if that really helps 'cos meal providers like these like to fanci-fy their dishes to sound sosyal. Ginger Chicken Jook aka Lugaw. Haler.

Also, communication with them is quite a hassle. They're not very responsive even in text. And they will only most likely respond to you if you left a negative feedback on their public accounts. At least diba.


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