Life Lately and Smart and PLDT's Logo Change

I think I totally missed the point of Sunday Currentlies (Currently's?). In the strictest sense it should be about how my Sunday is, but somehow I keep on doing weekly recaps instead. I mean, how can I focus on just a specific day where nothing much usually goes on except Church in the morning, window shopping in the afternoon, and badminton at night. Oh wait, there's actually more activity in there than in my weekdays combined. Anyway, let's just go with Life Lately's na lang lol.

Reading: Before we were Strangers by Renee Carlino. It's interesting and I like the characters! :D

Watching: 2 Broke Girls Season 4 again, before I start with Season 5 which I just downloaded. :D

Listening: No particular playlist this week but I just downloaded BP Valenzuela's The Neon Hour, an electronic pop album that sends off interesting feelings to me idk why. It's depressing, uplifting, and nostalgic at the same time. Listen to it!

Thinking: About our future home. Ever since Jeckie and I decided on getting a condo, I've been very excited scouting for appliances and furniture, pinning interior design pegs (specifically with black walls and light wood flooring), and considering various space saving layouts for our humble studio. I already have a 60k washer/dryer and a 20k fridge in mind haha. And when it sank in how expensive those are, I kinda resented resigning from my previous company, where I could've easily gotten those for Christmas. Oh well papel. Can't wait for better opportunities and 2018! :D
Smelling: Nothing

Wishing: To get used to driving in tight places. Earlier, I drove my way to the office (with my dad's supervision). I was nervous cos it just rained and it's dark so it's specially harder to navigate around, not with my window completely fogged out, and my apparent ineptitude at turning on the proper signals. It's so stressful having to remember to turn off the wipers, lower the headlights, and redirect the aircon, all while trying to stay in line and avoid colliding with oncoming traffic. Practice pa more.

Wearing: Jacket, shirt, and jeans. Not a very corporate Monday.

Loving: That I got to cook garlic butter prawns this day and my family loved it despite my sister being allergic and mom highblooded hehe. Cooked it for breakfast, then cooked another batch for may baon this night. My batok hurts but I could be overreacting cos I'm already anticipating the possible highblood but, uhm, now my head hurts too arg.

Wanting: To get a manipedi session cos I relapsed. Again. I'm so weak when it comes to this. #NailBiting

Needing: Uhm, for swelday to come around faster

Feeling: Bad about Smart and PLDT's logo change. What's with firmly established brands getting complete logo overhauls? Uber, Instagram for instance.

It totally takes off the feeling of familiarity. At least the first two logos were familiar to each other, retaining how the A looked like and the color blue. But now it looks alien, generic, and cold: appreciate the designer's thought process on this.

I can quite forgive PLDT 'cos it remained red but I personally think the first icon is better. Anyway, considering how the Philippine market is run by these oligarchs, it's not like we can afford to bail out of their services just because their new logos lack appeal.

Hm, it could just be my natural aversion to change and my attachment to Smart's second logo that's making me (and others?) feel this way. I mean I worked at Smart two years ago and was proud to wear anything sporting the light blue logo even though I couldn't make sense of the eight randomly placed dots on it haha. Perhaps this new logo made more sense symbolically than the Verizon-ish first and the curiously dotted second, still, it doesn't feel right. 

What do you think?

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