iWantSeats: Real-time Online Bus Reservation

Why wait in line when you can book online?

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iWantSeats is an online bus booking platform in the Philippines. Currently offering deluxe trips to Baguio and Baler to and from Manila via JoyBus, more routes will be added to serve you!

Booking your bus ticket has never been as easy as booking your hotels and airline tickets! With just a few clicks, you can reserve and confirm your seat and just go to the terminal on the day of your trip.

Explore new places, or travel to and from your city without having to wait hours at the terminal as a chance passenger.

Leave the booking to iWantSeats and enjoy more of your trip.

Book to Baguio or Baler now at iwantseats.com.ph.

Watch out for new trips coming soon!


To show you how easy it is to book seats using this new platform, here's a quick guide!

Photo from www.dreamersadventureph.com
1. Sign up and Plan your trip

Choose the origin, destination, date of trip, and number of passengers then hit 'Show Trips' to retrieve all available results for your query. Note that at this point you can only reserve one way trips, meaning there are no round-trip options yet. If you want to reserve two-way, you have to book for another trip.

Once the list of available trips has loaded, choose your preferred schedule by clicking the 'Reserve' button.

2. Enter Passengers

Add multiple passengers by entering their information on the form on the screen. You may save as many passengers as you want and select only those you want for a particular trip. This way, you don't have to keep on entering their information every time you book a trip. Neat!

3. Choose Seats

My favorite feature 'cos it shows you the layout of the bus and you're free to choose where you want to be seated. I personally checked JoyBus' own online reservation system and found that they didn't have this option, so this is a big plus for me. :D

Click on the name of the passenger then click on the desired seat number. The page will refresh and your chosen seat will be marked in red.

4. Review Itinerary and Payment

After choosing your seats you may view your itinerary on the next page and go back to update information as needed. Once satisfied, you may proceed to payment.

Note that there's a reservation fee of ₱30 for every person travelling. Cancellation is free and available until the indicated date.

Modes of payment available are bank deposits via BPI, BDO, EastWest Bank, and also DragonPay, GCash, and M. Lhuillier ePay.

And that's it! After completing your payment, send proof to payments@iwantseats.com.ph and wait for an online voucher to be emailed to you. Present this along with a valid ID to an officer on the date of your travel and you're good to go!

I'm very excited to try this out. In fact, I'm already planning a Baguio trip haha. :D

BUT! The site is kinda slow and is experiencing frequent downtimes lately. Happened twice already this day. Hope they fix this performance issue, super sayang the potential customers who want to browse the site. :)


For more information visit www.iwantseats.com.ph

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