The Sunday Currently (vol. 20)

Creating this entry earlier than usual cos I had a long day and finished quite a lot of things too! Yey!


Nothing hehe

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 on ABC Channel. They've been playing the series since yesterday and as usual, I failed to hold my tears when Sirius and Dumbledore died, and also when Hermione removed herself from her parents' memories. T__T Hayy

to the TV

About whether to do a Mr Robot marathon tonight, it's only 7:30pm so I have time! I'm just afraid of getting too hooked

Naaah I got too distracted it's already 11pm HAHA


For a good work week ahead!

Shirt and pajamas

That I saved a lot from yesterday's purchases at Twin Cities Premium Outlet. I got 3 pairs of shoes, a peacoat, and a couple of shirts. I was soooo blown by my savings, pretty much because the stores are still on holiday sale mode! The first pair of shoes I bought was marked down by $10 but when I took it to the cashier, it was slashed off by 50% pa! I was so shocked I only had to pay $15 dollars for a pair of running shoes. Ang saya saya huhu. Now I understand why people would always want shoes as pasalubong from the US haha

Gap, here, I've observed is quite an ordinary brand. But they offer the best discounts I've seen so far! And the quality is superb

Free Amazon Prime so bad I did something illegal. I signed up at Amazon Student to avail of their free 6 months Prime trial. I have to have a .edu email in order to sign up, so I commissioned someone on Fiverr to give me one. For $5 I was able to get an email, sign up at Amazon Student, and enroll in their prime trial. That's a hefty amount of savings for what's gonna cost me a hundred dollars instead.

So I got an account, redid my wishlist and finally used my remaining gift card balance from my regular Amazon account just to zero it out (sucks that you can't transfer gift card balance from one account to another). I was ready to start anew on my student account but something's holding me back.

I was so guilty about it I decided not to use my new account anymore. Sucks that I had to reach this point and spend $5, when I could've just avoided the thought entirely. :( God, I feel so bad. :(((

To sleep early cos we have to be ready by 8am for tomorrow's carpool arrangement. Haaaay eto na, the hassle of not having a resident driver huhu.

Accomplished. Naks. I woke up pretty early this day even though I slept in around 4am last night. Turns out I forgot to turn off my alarm so I was forcefully awaken at 10:30am.

I did my laundry, took a bath, cooked ham glaze, shoveled the driveway and sprinkled salt all over it, then cleared our freaking cupboard of expired stuff. I'm so tired but I'm also so proud. HAHA Our cupboard is mostly free of potentially dangerous stuff now but I can't be too sure cos there are a couple of items without any expiration date on them, and I put those back so I wouldn't know. haha

 I just hope I don't confuse my housemates when they start looking for things. XD

My arm is aching from shoveling the driveway. I really wasn't supposed to do that on my own but when I looked out the window this morning and saw our neighbors' super clean and salted driveways, I got envious and thought I wouldn't mind the workout so I put on my jacket, slipped on my boots, and shoveled away. There was only some 3 inches of light snow piled up so it wasn't too hard to put them on the side. I wanted it to be perfect but it's such a chore digging through snow which has been flattened by car tires because they get packed, hard, and slippery and overall a literal pain in the back. Anyway, I was able to clear it decently enough. Sprinkling salt was my favorite though! haha

I also checked out the bike that has been sitting on the garage, I thought we can use it for nearby errands when the temperature permits haha. So far I've adjusted the seat to the lowest setting, my next problem would be the flat tires. Will get help. Haha XD

Okaaaay. Gotta sleep I guess. But I'm hungry lol Well, I just ate.

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