Holding back

7 things about me I thought you should know before you get annoyed at me:

1. I literally swoon over food

Especially good food. I'm that person who would say 'Mmmmmmmmmmmm' over something delicious and have a face that's about to cry. Believe me, I can't help it.

2. I jump over the littlest things

I'm too jumpy for my own good. I get surprised easily. It doesn't help if you warn me about scaring me either, the anticipation will kill me. You can shock me even if we're just standing in front of each other. And when I get too scared, I just cry.

3. I'm extremely ticklish

I will fight the urge to cry, but probably do so anyway.

4. I'm a crybaby

I get emotional a lot, over food, over being shocked, over being tickled. I just cry. Oh well.

5. I get awestruck easily

You'll often hear me go WOOOOOW ANG GANDA because that's really how I see it. Can I just say there's so much beauty in the world to go gaga for?

6. I get kilig easily

Most specially over my friends' lovelives. So I would always want to make intriga cos I'm so frakking curious about other people's lovelives ewan ko ba. HAHA I'm a hopeless romantic I guess, but not the one who'd do fanciful things for her beloved. I'm the type who's in love with the idea of love, an idealist who would swoon over fairy tales. Ganon haha.

That's why I also get easily stumped whenever one of the couples I know break up. I just couldn't believe that some relationships don't work out even after 10 years of being together omg. Sobrang idealistic ko ba HAHA. But you know what, I've learned. Wala talagang forever. So now it's easier for me to accept that no matter how lovey dovey two people may seem, there will come a time when they're gonna fall apart and realize that human love is actually conditional and is more of a personal choice than a compelling force that just beckons you to do things.

7. I LOL

I laugh out loud, literally. When something's too funny I can't hold back on laughing boisterously. When I hear myself laugh on record or video, I get annoyed at myself, so maybe you will too, so please don't.


My boyfriend helped me confirm this list cos I'm totally convinced I was being normal this way. So I'm thinking of holding back a little with my emotions cos I didn't want to look OA specially on unfamiliar ground. Just the thought of it makes me cry HAHA. What kind of compromise is this. Ano ba naman to hahaha.

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