Winter clothes hunting in the Philippines

Kebs kung dollars ung nasa picture okay?!
I'm leaving in a few days and I haven't even started filling my luggage. Searching for the right clothes to wear in US winter season isn't all that fun especially when I have to look in a tropical country. Good thing I inquired my officemates and the web for tips on where to buy thermal stuff and winter clothes so I was able to cost-plan my shopping spree to a minimum! Errr, not really.

Here's what: in cold weather, layering is key. Most of the spaces you'll be into are probably heated anyway so it'll only get super cold when you go outside. With that you would want to be able to strip off a few layers of your clothes when you're feeling warmer so yes, layering is a must unless your goal is to channel the Michelin Man throughout your trip.

So here are the essential clothes you should ready in case you're off to winter wonderland! Layering these should help keep you warm and comfy

1. Thermal underwear

Uniqlo's Heattech line is famed for being awesome heat retainers despite being tissue thin. I have yet to validate this when I get to the US but since I trust the brand and the reviews are pretty good, I got myself a couple of tops to serve as underwear. It fits closely and comfortably in fairness! It's a little costly though, but it's nice investment cos you can still wear it here.

Aside from Uniqlo, Marks & Spencers also has their line of thermal clothes. Tiangges have it too. SM department store has long johns stored in the men's section but they're pretty bulky for layering, they're great pajamas though!

2. Fleece or wool sweaters

Ukays are my favorite place to scout for pullovers cos they're really cheap, you might even score some with fleece lining which is perfect in cold weather! Aside from Ukays, we have an abundance of knitted stuff and pullovers at local department stores, just ask.

3. Coats and jackets

Down coats like these are extremely helpful in keeping you warm, plus they look good too! If you're going to be dressing for the office, you can invest in peacoats like these as well cos they look classy as hell and wouldn't leave you trembling in the cold.

Winter season isn't a reason to be out of style, keep it trendy by keeping your outermost wear beautiful. Just look at this down coat with a banging fur hood!

All of these coats and jackets I found over at Sammy Dress so be sure to check them out. They have a lot of other jackets and outerwears that will definitely catch your eye and make your winter more interesting so go ahead!

4. Scarves, bonnets, earmuffs, gloves, and socks

Small articles of clothing that make sure we're sealed tight against the cold air! In countries where winter gets really bad, you need to wrap up intensely to ensure no heat would escape your body. When your body is all wrapped up, heat tends to escape from whichever body part is most exposed to the air, that is our hands and our head, so make sure to protect those too! :)

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