Touchdown Minnesota!

Heya! Sharing with you a couple of snaps from yesterday's (was it?) travel. MNL--NRT--LA--MSP. :D

It's my first international trip so I'm crazy excited about everything. I was travelling alone but I wasn't too worried about it cos I'm sure there are people I can ask around for directions haha.

Flying Delta :D
 I thought I was carrying too much but look, 12.5kgs lang pala lol

Pre-boarding selfie cos I checked in too early :D

Love this in-flight entertainment system. Tons of movies to watch, tracks to listen, and games to play. Their earphones sucks though cos it's in-ear! Good thing Jeckie bought me an early birthday gift before I left -- a red Urbanista San Fran! yeyy! Didn't think we'd find one at Fairview Terraces especially that I was told they're only available at Megamall for now. I was also afraid the mic wouldn't work but thank God it did! Best earphones ever! Chos. XD

In-flight meals are surprisingly good. It's my first in-flight meal anyway so whatever haha

Above the clouds! <3

Deplaning at Narita Airport, Japan. I can finally say I've been to Japan HAHA but not really since I only had a short layover there and I found myself lugging super heavy bags I couldn't stroll around with ease. Lesson learned, even in long flights, try to lessen your hand-carry baggage. It can get super tiring. My arms are hurting right now.

Leaving Japan! Off to a 10 hour flight to LA. :D Lucky that I was able to score window seats for all of my flights! That means more pictures (of clouds), but it also means I have to hold my pee cos it's so hassle having to weave out of your seatmates to get to the lavatory. XD Anyway, you all know how window seats are important to first timers! hahaha

In-flight dinner. I love everything they served so far!

Specially their coffee ;D

Syalin. Delta proudly serves Starbucks. Bongga!
Well above the sky. :)

Gus Fring offering drinks. Kidding. But doesn't he resemble him? Only younger and chubbier? Haha

I had a pretty long layover at LA but I didn't do much strolling cos my bags are too heavy and I'm already so spent after passing through immigration and TSA check. My bags are a great hassle, I have an entire backpack dedicated to all my electronic devices and pulling them out on trays for checking and putting them all back in after that kindof stressed me, specially when there are other trays in the line haha.

Here's my first purchase, a $15 worth of food at the LA International Airport. My mom will be proud cos my drink is screaming greens and my food has vegetables in it. I enjoyed the drink but the food is so blah, too much arugula and not a trace of Caesar dressing contrary to what the label says. I was actually thinking of complaining about it but then I had to carry my bags with me to the counter and they were so heavy so I decided against it. It's okay though. But $15 is roughly Php675 and this is definitely not worth 675, even with the Ceasar dressing. HUHU

After eating and getting a short nap near the departure gate, we're finally off for boarding. The view was amazing. :) I posted a super short clip of this scene on Instagram haha

Some 4 hours into the flight and we've arrived at Minneapolis! I did a quick check and was shocked at the 0 deg temperature outside. Woah.

And indeed, it was crazy cold. I think I wouldn't be able to bear the temp outside. Even when the sun was up this afternoon the air was freezing cold! It's not even winter yet! Oh, here's the porch of the house where I'm staying right now. Love the abundance of trees in here! Also that there is 0 traffic! Minneapolis is pretty much filled with highways!

Right now I'm feeling, ano ba, alone. Sucks I came here knowing no one at all. I just came to be acquainted with a few people when I arrived here plus my housemates. Other than that, I'm not totally totally comfortable yet. In time, maybe. I wanted to go out but there's no place to go, and no one to drive me, and no one to bug about stuff. Shocks ang lungkot lang haha. But anyway, I'm loving the food here, at least what we have in this house. Haha. Sarap kumain oh no. T___T

And can I just say how I'm loving Facebook more than ever? It's super great that it allows us to do not just chat, but call and video call as well! I just talked to my parents this afternoon, and my sister this evening, and just now my boyfriend! We had super clear calls grabe. Waley na waley ang mga networks sa Pilpinas. XD

That's it's so far! Have a great week ahead! Good night! :D

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