[SUPER LATE POST] Blogopolis 2013 Into the Wild!

super duper late post!
[happened November 16, 2013]

weeks before the event i was having second thoughts if it's wise to spend my birthday here because it's not gonna be with family and i thought i was only coming because i won free passes (thanks to nuffnang and geoffreview!) and not because i really really wanted to come. hehe

anyway, i came (hence this post) to the event and was very happy that i did! i came with two very good friends of mine anne and RA and we all enjoyed the event! hahaha it was so jam packed they had to add extra chairs!

here's a preview of some notable parts of the conference (for me!) haha

maria ressa on bayanihan (crowd sourcing). this is probably the best i've heard the entire day. she described how they're using crowd sourcing in aggregating social media data to aid relief efforts for victims of typhoon yolanda. talk about a person finder via fb face detect and plotting passable roads via google maps! na-elibs ako when i learned how much technology is playing in helping the philippines recover from the super typhoon. dito ko rin narealize how crappy this blog is, not being able to talk about socially relevant news at least. haha #sorina

jim paredes on community and social advocacy in social media.

jeff lo of pinoy fitness talks about building an engaged community online. it's really about settling on a niche you're most passionate on and just letting the readership flow. if you notice, i'm kindof into running recently and his website is my number 1 go-to when it comes to running events. if i remember correctly, it wasn't really in his intentions to grow a community, it just happened that lots and lots of readers are starting to rely on his website for information, and suddenly the comments sections is not enough to handle actual discussions that he had to put up a dedicated forum for his readers! sarap ng feeling when you started na tipong web 1.0 lang providing information ala news, then next thing you know there's lots of user interaction happening already that you had to start engaging! thumbs up! and moooore power for pinoy fitness. i'm a fan!

aisa ipac and anna gonzales of bloggers united
in fairness naaliw ako sa dalawang to kahit na feel na feel ko ang nerbyos nila! hahaha! they shared tips on how to mount a blogging event, and also shared their experiences when they started bloggers united bazaar. stress level! hahaha

googly gooeys they have the cutest slides! as an artist (naks) i soooo appreciate the emphasis they put on visuals in their blog. super cool to the eyes! they talked about ways to make social media advertising effective. more than the usual SEO tricks, they go beyond that and put so much effort in promoting advertisers by creating comic strips with their super cute cartoon counterparts tipsy and ponggo! it's a whole new and exciting way of promoting, you know, not just copy and pasting ad briefs but actually engaging in the product itself on a personal level. inggit much! i wish i could reach that level where advertisers actually buy a post in this blog! kaso no. hahaha hanggang sponsored-reviews.com at nuffnang movie promos lang ako. 

abe olandres of yugatech.
idol ko to kasi i'm a follower of yugatech! hahaha

chucky and yen deyfrus 
ang weird ng dating nila. parang ang sungit nila sa isa't isa on stage. sorry! i don't know if it's just me but i find them awkward to each other, but nonetheless insightful naman! >XD

btw btw, comment on the host franco mabanta. he was fun, spontaneous, and an overall good host but there were times he seemed irritatingly sarcastic and over the line. hehe >:P

anyway. ehem ehem. the cocktail food was awesome! i loooooove everything that was served. hahaha mejo PG (read: patay gutom) ako i had 3 platefuls of pica picas but what can i do, everything tasted so good. even the donuts and stuffed croisant before the confe started. hahaha

after the conference, they cleared the hall and prepped it for Nuffie Awards where notable online personalities get awarded for various contributions they made to the websphere.  sadly, only a few (or none?) of the winners came hehe. we stayed for the announcement of raffle winners (there were so many giveaways!), too bad i didn't win! my friend won though yahooo!

funny divine lee!
i know she's a she but she has some gay angles idunno hehe. >XD

and the team behind the successful event :)

last but not the least... freebies!!! this was such a blessed day for me, i never had this much freebies in a single event! i took home a timex wall clock (good thing they also gave out a large shopping bag for it haha), oishi gift pack, marks & spencer lemonade, magazines, and a blogopolis kit which inlcludes skin white lotion and soap, hygienix hand sanitizer, vitress hair serum, blogopolis 2013 baller, timex and wink discount coupons, and a revlon mascara.

blogopolis 2013 kit
if there's one thing this conference succeeded in making me feel, it's that i suck so much as a blogger. hahaha no niche, no sense, and no advocacy. i feel so little, listening to these gurus blogging about stuff that actually matters when here i am, stuck with teenage rants every single day. hahaha #sonotsorry

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