blessings and highlights!

since the year is about to end, let me recap some of the best things that has happened to me this year, all thanks to God! 

# jeckie and i turned 2 years! 

to infinity and beyond! lol
i consider this a milestone because i've observed a lot of serious relationships fail come 2 years time. i was even afraid that our love will start to decline at this point! but noooo! i'm so blessed that God gave me someone who secures me with his love every single day. aw. naiiyak ako hahaha. here's to forever! yiiie keso much! <3

# water baptized for the first time!

victory weekend
seriously this is the best encounter i had with God and it was sooooo amazing. ever since sunday school, i've never been this active at church. when terai and i moved to victory nova, things started to change. we became more engaged in church activities and i felt more responsible spiritually.

but you know, one important thing i learned about being a christian is that IT'S AN EVERYDAY STRUGGLE. getting water baptized doesn't coat us with an invisible shield that wards off evil and temptation, in fact we become more susceptible to it. it's how we react to them that we practice our being heirs to the kingdom of God. hard life, yeah, but the choice is ours.

# new year, new job!

i'm frkn excited about what this new life will bring me. i may be back to 0 but it's all good. at least i believe it's all for the good of my, ano ba, (mental) health? haha i'll definitely miss the people i've worked with though!

# new laptop!

lenovo flex 14
300 degrees! touch screen! elibs much ako
i could say this is where half of my christmas bonus went. i admit i was almost bankrupt after this purchase but well, i'm leaving my job so i have to surrender the company laptop and i can't live without a laptop sorry na. hahaha! i'm still in the process of appreciating windows 8 (by making it look windows 7-ish haha) but right now i'm kindof frustrated that my portable photoshopS won't run. huhu

# surprise family gift!

HIRO foot massager
last year, i bought a 32" LED tv for the fam. this year, i bought a foot massager kasi i know it's going to be abused like crazy (and indeed). who doesn't want a pampering after a hard day's work? grabe adik na kami lahat dito. haha if i can only afford those full body massage chairs that'll be ozom but for now, eto muna. no to credit card! i got this at 30% off and with an additional gift (a slimming belt!) kasi i'm the last customer na magte-12mn na kasi non haha

super hassle nya i-uwi cos we never expected the box to be so big, it won't fit inside the taxi. sa harap, sa likod, sa trunk ayaw talaga! we had to remove it from the box para lang mai-saksak ng maayos sa trunk. sobrang hassle. but worth it parin! hahaha thank you jeckie! hihi

i feel sad cos this is probably the last time i'll be able to buy something big for the family. next year for sure di ko na to afford, knowing that my salary is gonna take a deep dive for a while. hehehe. ipon ipon na lang ulit, at business business din! >XD


this january, i have to be careful not to spend too much. being that my last salary at smart is going to be held for 2 months and my first salary at pointwest will probably be credited by the end of january pa, mejo poorita mode ulit! talaga naman kasi pag pasko, spluuuurge!

Lord sana maulit ulit tong kagastusan na to! at least i know i have moolah hahaha

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