still not sleepy but should sleep anyway

// i just finished 4 pages for the yearbook LOOOOOL more to go but that's okay! i just have one worry though, i designed everything in RGB and it would be disastrous to change everything to CMYK. it just came to me cos i remember on our site visit at Covers and Pages, their giant ink tanks are all CMYK though duh... regular printer cartridges are also CMYK. i'm just worrying you know! need to confirm this. huhu

// by the way! i just realized how huge Lenovo S880 will be at 5 inches, that's like a Samsung Note pala haha. and with palms like mine i don't think i'm gonna enjoy that! sooooo... i'll go back to dreaming about owning a Lenovo P700 instead!

// hey hey hey have i shared this yet? i just cashed out my earnings at ChurpChurp! lol i'm too anxious to get it, i'm cashing out the minimum! can't wait to get the check so i could flail all around saying "it's leeegiiit!" come on November! yeheyy!

// it's 4am. seriously? Zagu's pearl milk tea is such an extreme upper. >8D still wide awake! aaaaand hungry!

// well i didn't really think i was that kind of person but it's flattering to hear it from someone you look up to! though i have this inkling suspicion that he goes around saying uplifting stuff to everyone to uhm, boost their morale or something. you know, that's what bosses do, don't they? anyway, after that i thought i shouldn't have known about it or something. uhm for the most part, i hardly care about the good things i do naturally so it doesn't really matter if it gets noticed or not. and since it just did, it feels good and awkward at the same time. i mean, ayon. one moment i wished i was complimented for being good at the technical aspect of my job instead BUT PLEASE! with all due honesty and humility... anyone who would do that would be outright lying to my face and i'm frakking serious. hahaha now i just don't want to wish for that kind of thing. i know deep down to the roots of my heart that i'm never getting that. and i don't want to because for some reason, it'll make me feel worse. haha anyway, whenever stuff like this happen, i always put my expectations down. like, "oh i can't be the only one". and like, "that's probably the only strength he saw in me so better stress it out!"

k. are you annoyed now? HAHAHAHA i'm not really in denial cos i know myself more than anyone else and i confirm what he said was true. i'm just not sure how to respond to it. can't google that.


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