how long has it been

i've been sick for the most part of this week, which caused me to be away from work for 2.5 days hayy sweldo. not a good sign for a probi struggling to make progress with her tasks on hand. haaay java. when will i ever understand you. such a bogart. thank God i'm feeling much much much better now, ready for tomorrow i guess? whew, but can you believe it... the dread is back. i'm feeling deadly jitters all over again since this afternoon... i have sooo much to make habol with i don't even know where to start... there's work, then there's yearbook, then there's the dark matter... you know, the unaccounted mass responsible for making me feel this worried. Loord!!! kinakabahan akooo! and i think it's because i'm afraid of work! i'm afraid of not being able to deliver, to LEARN stuff they expect me to. my head isn't even at the verge of explosion due to information overload... more like it's at the verge of shrinking for not being able to absorb ANYTHING. gawd why. my head is full of air. this is so frustrating because time is running out fast and i've still got loads to learn. learn. learn. why is it so hard to study. >XS

jitters still intact. i cry nao. >:'S

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