lucid dreaming

i was taking my power siesta awhile ago when i dreamt that i was standing on a vast field (similar to one of my wallpapers, will post soon). i don't remember if i was with someone but i was certain that there was a big guy (like zangetsu; ichigo's soul slayer; photo soon) behind me.

then i stared at my hands. the moment i saw my hands i realized i was dreaming, like it was some cue i made when i was still awake, that when i see my hands in my dream i must recognize that i'm dreaming (note that i did make a cue like that while i was still awake but that was months ago, and i didn't condition myself into it before i went to sleep this afternoon).

indeed. it was such an amazing feeling to be aware in your dream, and what rocks is that more than being conscious that i am standing in a virtual field my brain has projected, i also know that i can control things in this particular universe, that i have power over this territory.

so i asked for rain. AND IT FREAKIN RAINED IN MY DREAM. HARD. i was beyond words. COOL. yes, that's exactly how i felt in my dream. eventually i asked for it to stop, and it did too. COOLER. it's like i discovered an inner power hahahaha. then i tried looking at my hands, i don't know why but i just want to look at them, to confirm this virtual reality. heh. unfortunately i can't seem to see them, there's like a heavy force hindering my hands from appearing at my sight. so i tried harder, and caught a glimpse of my palm. and when i did, i also caught a glimpse of reality, of a faint pink ceiling and a rounded fluorescent light. my short trial version of lucid dreaming has ended.

not cool.

THINGS I'VE REALIZED (which may not entirely be a general thing):

@ seeing your cue (like my hand, in my case) for the first time while dreaming and
recognizing it as a 'cue' turns on your awareness. meaning, you've just started lucid dreaming. take note that this happens only by chance and not by force because you have no will power on a regular dream, any exhibition of mindedness or willfulness without acknowledging awareness will only lead to you waking up.

as in a nightmare, when you badly want to escape your dream, you tend to wake out of it, not really control it. this is because you are still unaware that you're dreaming. if by chance you suddenly became aware while you're still in a nightmare, i am pretty certain that you can change things.

@ if you are enjoying your current state in your dream, you might not want to wake up so avoid WANTING to look at your cue once more, for i think this will turn off your awareness and wake you up. i guess, having it at your sight but not minding it will still make your dream intact, though i don't really know about it because we've consciously made a strong association for the cue and being reminded of the function of the cue may disrupt the balance in your newly created (or in progress) universe.

so maybe the best thing to do once you've started dreaming lucidly is to keep doing things, just explore.

the cue pretty much acts as a wall between your dream and your consciousness, once you've seen this wall in your dream and recognized what's behind it, it starts breaking, and your consciousness floods back into you. that's the key to lucid dreaming.


next time when i encounter my 2nd trial of this super cool world, i must do these things:

- fly
- teleport
- ask for a specific person to appear in my dream, err like ryan agoncillo or a crush
- and make him/them do things *evil laugh*
- order for a big clock to appear and take note of the time [i want to see how time runs inside my dream and compare it to reality]
- be a death god (like in bleach, not in death note) and train for bankai! nyahaha
- control all the elements (wind fire earth water)
- have fun XD

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