i was really suspecting why the canon ixus 80is i saw at ebay costs only 9500-9700, then i learned na it's from US pala so okay na okay ako (it's really cheaper to buy there)!!! i thought it was some substandard china made product so i was really hesitant about it(lol, as if i'm gonna buy na!)

my dad and i roamed at cyberzone and i collected a whole bunch of catalogs again! like usual! hahhaha

TOSHIBA has a really cool deal right now for their first 100 buyers. they're selling a laptop for approx. 40K with THESE freebies: 160gigs HD enclosure, a cellphone and a USB (or a SD card of 2gigs, im not sure). damn, we don't need any more laptops right now, sadly. hehehe I WANT THE PORTABLE HARD DISK! >___>

money goals? i just need 10K! and i'm off to buy a canon ixus 80is! XD

we ate at yoshi. shet, the food! i super missed eating out with my family at yoshi! XD everything became more expensive what the hell.

i saw this boutique at FCM which sells cheap plain shirts (well, it's actually part of the tiangge but then they have their own stall so it has to sound better. hehe). wholesale deals: 6 shirts for 75 each, a dozen for 65 each! tempting!!! and the fabric is stretch material!!!

i instantly got excited to put up my own shirt business. i have to learn more photoshop first! :x and of course look for a good printer. hmmm, maybe i'll do my own shirt first then see what'll become of it. hehe

OMG!!! i saw an Adobe Creative Suite 4 (Master Collection) ---adobe's latest--- at one of the tiangge's there (course it's fake) and shet, I BADLY WANT TO BUY IT IMMEDIATELY.

it has everything i freakin need! adobe photoshop cs4, premiere 4, acrobat 9, blah blah blah and some other super cool stuff i might need in the future.

i am so excited. i'm very very determined to excel in the field of art... i'm just a couple of thousands short.

i need money.

and hmmm...
we're planning on enrolling at fitness first this summer. i dunno but that's already 2k! :X i need to save for a lot of things...

2k for the gym if ever.
2k for the bicol trip! i miss mamay!
and 10k for the camera.

whichever comes first. LOL

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