so he's dead

heath ledger is dead. >__>; not really his fan though... hehe, at least i'm up to date...? i couldn't believe out teacher when he blurted out he's dead... we were discussing about creativity then... and we all turned him off saying "teacher, you're being too creative >_>" (note sarcasm)

anyway. i'm not up to do a tribute for him (i just heard of him through brokeback mountain, i don't even know his face)... i've got business to do...

and by business i mean waiting for streaming media to download... part by part, episode by episode... and while waiting logging in to neopets to play games...

haaaay. such a lovely world indeed...
honestly, i've never been this much 'inlove' with a taiwanese series (or any asianovela for that matter)

when i say in love, it means i feel kilig most of the time... true enough, i can't help smiling at the picture of Ahmon forming in my brain...

haaaay ♥
such a hopeless romantic... i don't know what will happen to me in the future...
do i even have a future?


done with the first chem40 theoretical lab exam... i think i answered better than last time... though i still have this attitude of giving up with a problem once i've exhausted all my time and braincells figuring out for an impossible solution...>_>

aaahhhh, whatever.

i care more about Devil Beside You...

oh, and also our first face-off with schemes.

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