devil beside you ♥ (spam, yeah)

i wonder how pissed off readers are when google directs them to a blogsite that merely mentioned their search keywords ONCE. like their tripping on a person who seeks for reliable information. poor people. search engines are so stuck up with personal blogs... i hate it. >__>; --- but honestly, sometimes i like it too... because of the traffic... but i still pity those who are tragically mislead to a crappy webpage like this one... =(

to all those who are mislead by google, yahoo or any search engine, or technically speaking, to all those who are spammed by my entries... i'm sorry. i couldn't do anything about that. it's just me expressing my pent-up emotions on a relatively catchy topic (which is randomly encountered), sometimes it doesn't makes sense... since i don't prioritize dissiminating viable information on my every post... so yeah, i apologize.

but i shall continue spamming. >__>;

after finishing Coffee Prince, i must admit. i've never felt this much... err in love? it feels great to feel giddy once in a while! hehehe

then came DEVIL BESIDE YOU!!!! :)
haha, i can't stop fantasizing about Jiang Meng (played by taiwanese model/actor Mike He)

okaaaaaay, PICSPAMMING TIME!!!


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