i almost cried?

lol. i almost cried with my own fic. bwahahahaha

read it here
but before that here, i'll give a short forewarn:

- crappy grammar: sorry naman ha? i'm not good in english, my beta-reader hasn't mailed me the proofread version yet (it's been years! i think she forgot it already). you're free to criticize, curse me for bastardizing the english language and neglecting the sacred law of grammar.

yun lang. :)


whew. i love traggic endings! suuuuupppper! as in gusto ko yung mga storyang makapagpapa-igting ng aking emosyon. gustong gusto ko ng mga nakakaiyak na konklusyon. ayos yun. gusto ko ng may namamatay na bida. T____T; bwahahahahaha

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