enchanted kingdom

i know you've been there and it's no use putting into detail every ride i tried since you know how it feels to be there and even if i write every single emotion i felt at that time... there'd be no, not at all, possible ways for you to feel like i did.

yesterday was my third trip to ek, two of which are free and the other one - a gradeschool field trip.
the best, i can say, was the second trip =)
i was with my family blah blah blah...
i know you're not a single bit interested so i'm giving you the chance to do a rundown on my 'links' and get the hell out of here....=)

moving on...

you might think na i didn't enjoy e.k.
for two reasons...
1.) my super KJ mom, who was not with us btw, didn't allow us to ride 'space shuttle'. and even though i know i had all the chance to sneak out on her words... i still didn't do it. good girl ako... and i'll feel guilty... =2.) most of the hours was spent, not riding, but looking for a shaded shelter... chilling up and waiting for the sun to set down a little a bit and show us even a moment of sympathy so that we could ride out of your majestic utra-tanning rays.

it didn't bother me too much that i didn't enjoy most of rides coz i've been there, done that.. repeat 3 times.

but there is this very amusing activity that i enjoyed for a long time despite the fact that i wasted my 150 free wizard money and spent another 50 bucks from my own wallet... buying tokens.

you guessed it right.
RACING sa arcade

you know what kind of person i am... i don't easily give up on things that drive me crazy... and...ACHIEVEMENT!
i landed on position 6 among the 15 cars! yehey!
tss... i wish i could hook up more in arcades... since, to tell you the truth... that was my first time to play in an arcade!

pictures soon.

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