the window suddenly closed so i have to retype everything!
grr... toh n lng ssbihin ko...

about our local artists who try to outdo the influence given to us by the non-local bands...

i'm not shooing you... it's just that the music produced today have really similar rhythms to those previous hits by international artists...

rivermaya's you'll be safe here
- a moment's intro sounds perfectly like the previous hit's intro - 'i'll be'
a song by hale (forgot the title)
- the chorus sounds like switchfoot's dare you to move

i just gave two examples... pero marami pa dyan!
c'mon... don't stick to sounding like one of those non-filipino artists... our uniqueness won't show.

there are a lot of chords to mix and even the most non-complementary notes could make good music!

wala lng... alam ko you won't agree... pero for me na nbabad sa non-OPM music... madali ko mahhalata ung gaya eh...-_-;;

the problem is... pag napakinggan mo na ang isang inspiring music to drive your creativity in making a song... you can't help it pero nggaya nyo na yung song na yun!


simple plan, busted, greenday...
yeah... they play the same genre... pero i can't distinguish which is which kasi halos pareho lng cla...

eh.. basta... bhala na kau...


gus2 ko ng chocolate!!!!

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