Recovery logs

In light of my recent injury, here's how I've been coping so far...

Week 1

• Jan 15 - Date of injury (left knee). Took Advil, applied ice pack. Pain level 7/10. Couldn't walk properly. I can drive though. Was able to shower alone too. Can't bend nor straighten. Slept with a knee support and a pillow underneath.

• Jan 16 - I'm taking pain relievers 3x a day. Icing it too at least 3x a day. Can shower alone but cautious of steps. Can't stand for long. Knee support all day; pillow when I sleep.

• Jan 17-20 - Getting better every day. Pretty much the same routine.

• Jan 21 - Was able to go to the mall. Can walk faster now but not for long. Can't sit for long too because my leg feels ngalay wen it's not elevated. In the car I'm using a cardboard box as a foot rest. Elsewhere I look for extra chairs or just step on the feet of the table, anything elevated really. Stopped taking pain relievers.

✱ Week 2

• Jan 22 - Went to the mall. Can walk faster now, as well as cross my legs! Still using a foot rest in the car. Still icing as much as I can.

• Jan 23 - Continuously recovering. Still icing. Can walk better now.

• Jan 24 - Braved the gym. Told my coach I can't do leg or knee exercises so we just focused on upper and thighs. Faced a couple of hurdles earlier: one was getting up from floor after stretching and the other was getting to the shower area where there's a huge step. I survived both! ♥

• Jan 25 - I'm able to walk faster now but my knees still feel very ngalay when sitting down for long. Went to the gym and did chest workouts. There's really not much I can do with a bad knee but we're slowly adding mobility exercises so it would recover faster.

• Jan 26 - Did shoulders today at the gym. Wore knee support on both knees. Drove to the office. Been sitting at my desk for over an hour now and my leg feels super ngalay. I need to find something to rest my feet on. Even the lowest chair setting is too high for my short legs. And our tables aren't height adjustable so it's pretty uncomfy.

✱ Week 3

• Jan 31 - Stopped icing. Can walk without knee support now, but with extreme caution, cos every time I build confidence in walking straight, eventually it's gonna click and hurt and I don't want that to happen. Went to the gym earlier and did back exercises.


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