Week in review


There are days when I feel so excited to go to work and do my job but when my boss isn't around I just tend to be more uhmmm lenient lol sssshhhh. It's true that when the cat's away the mouse will play. Not saying my boss is strict though, more like his presence errr encourages me to appear to work hard HAHAHA. Charot.

But hey, I accomplished something today. I'm finally 70% in this Holiday Staff Assignment page I'm working on in PHP. Next step is adding data validation. I might sayyyy, this task was pretty challenging. Duh, everything dev related is challenging to a QA (in my mind: what's happening to my career???).

So I have a table with checkboxes and input fields and on submit I need to collect the values from all the rows where the checkbox is checked and run an update query. The ideal approach (at least for me) is to grab the row values on checkbox check, and attach it to the value of the checkbox. That way, upon submit I could just get one list and everything I need would be there. But thennn, I'm trying to avoid onchange functions because I think it isn't too neat and I'm reserving the method for validation where it's more apt? Errrr.

Anyway, I managed to "cheat" my way into it by processing 2 lists and matching them together. Not the most elegant approach but hey, it can't go wrong.

Another thing I accomplished today was a logo project for one of my colleagues hahahaha. After retiring from writing on the sides, I badly needed more gigs. Right now I only have 2 logos, 1 invite, and one blog post. Man I need to keep myself busy.

Here's a reject, by the way:


Oh this day was busy. I had 2 RPA meetings. I didn't mean to be productive today but heck you know when there's a programming logic bugging your mind and you can't stop thinking about it? It's eating up my me time --- which starts by the time my boss leaves until the end of my shift hahahaha. Charot.

Here's another reject. Oooh I like it that my collection of "Drafts that didn't make it" is growing!


I got up pretty early so I had enough time for coffee. Oh I love coffee mornings. Moreso the fact that the time it takes for me to finish taking a bath is enough time for my coffee to brew and cool down a bit. Now I'm looking forward to more mornings like this.

I cooked butter tikka masala and bought naan from Queens. I really really love Indian cuisine (particularly masala, lassi, and samosa) but I don't like how long the smell lingers in our kitchen, our living, on our couch, AND IN MY MOUTH haha yesss even after brushing! I even feel like I'm giving off a scent as well HAHA.

Anywayyy. We played badminton today! It's pretty much my only source of sweat this week. I need to do this regularly!


Cooked pork giniling today and I love it! Of course I wasn't able to cut down on rice, but well, I've been off track in pursuing a no rice lifestyle for so long so I don't care anymore! Hahaha

Today we had a short town hall with our regional chiefs, and one of them mentioned about the new building we're transferring to in two years time. I'm so excited! We're moving to Ayala Triangle Tower Two, which will also house the new Mandarin Oriental Hotel. The project is being developed by Ayala Land, of course, and the gorgeous building is designed by SOM. Here's thread from Skyscrapercity.

I'm sooooo looking forward to the new building I might actually stay until we move out! Not that I have plans on leaving lol.


I AM SO BLOATEEEED!!! Super lamon ako today! My husband got me kare kare with lechon kawali this morning before going to sleep, then I ate burger, pizza, and chicken at work. Also got coffee. I'm not even done digesting and I'm already craving for moooore. I'm just so hungry nowadays. My period's probably coming up.

Updates! I changed my blog layout a biiiiit. Just rearranged and colored a few sections lol

Uhm, what else. I wrote a new entry on my other blog, Surf & Perf. If ever you're working on UIPath and is interested with RPA. Check it outttt.

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