Decorating with Prints Without Having an Art Attack

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Art is a fantastic leveller. Even the dullest and boring spaces come to life when there is a painting which acts as a focal point. Anyone can use it to their advantage as long as they aren’t amateurs and therein lays the problem.

The majority of homeowners like what they like, yet they are by no means connoisseurs of art. So, it can be tricky to figure out what makes a room and what breaks it into tiny little pieces.

Thankfully, there’s no need to have an art attack. With a few basic tips, your home can reap the benefits of beautiful prints and paintings without stress. Here’s how to throw shade properly.

Outsource It
Let’s be realistic and admit the chances of choosing the right pieces are slim to zero. Once everybody accepts this fact, it’s easier to get the perfect mix. Why? It’s due to the fact you can outsource the job to a third-party who does have expertise in the area. An art rental service will do everything from consulting on your needs and wants to install it in your pad. There’s nothing you have to worry about other than paying them a flat yet affordable fee. For beginners, the money is worth outsourcing the responsibility.
Hang Loose
And low. It’s 2018, which means there is no need to hang it on the wall whatsoever if that’s what you prefer. Plenty of contemporary homes lean frames against a divider to give off a casual, informal vibe. If that isn’t your thing, get a nail and hammer it in so that there is a place for the art to hang. However, make sure it’s no more than eight inches above the sofa and the rest of the furniture. Art should be at eye level so that it grabs people’s attention. Unless you’re a giant, that means no more than a foot off the ground.

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Design The Room Around The Piece
Now, this sounds like a tough thing to do when you’re not a specialist, yet it’s pretty straightforward. The first thing on your list is to procure a piece which you love. There is nothing else to it; just buy something which makes you go “wow.” Next, figure out which area in the room is best for a focal point. Where are your eyes drawn to every time? The print should go there so that it has an incredible impact. Finally, use elements of the painting in the room itself. For example, if there are flowers or flowery colours, you can put a vase on a coffee table or window sill.

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Choose A Colour Per Mood
Different shades have different effects. Do you know orange makes people angry? You do now, which means it has no business being in the bedroom. Instead, opt for a neutral colour as they are calming. Grey is usually the best option as it’s not as light and won’t affect your sleeping patterns. If you do go neutral, make sure the wall it hangs on is bright so that it stands out.

Do you think your room will be the spitting image of what you want after reading this advice?

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