My Prima Sassy Belle Haul and Review

Hey guys! Sharing with you my first impressions of some of Prima Sassy Belle's bestselling beauty products, plus one of their slimming beverages. If you know me, you know that I suck at routines, and that no matter how hard I try to stick to one I always end up abandoning it somehow, specially if it gets in the way of me going to bed immediately when I get home. 

But here we go again, sampling products to consider adding to my irregular beauty regimen!
Prima Sassy Belle is a fairly new direct selling company that offers beauty and wellness products. They were established on September 2016 and has since grown to having over a hundred retailers all over the country. They're a hundred percent Filipino owned and they take pride in producing high quality products that are FDA approved and Halal certified (among other certs), guaranteeing that their items are 100% safe to use.

That said, let's get on to the review! We'll focus on 3 of their products, the 3R Set, Sheer-C Serum, and Curvetrim juice. Let's go!

Prima 3R Set

₱ 710

The 3R Set consists of a Kojic soap, cleansing toner, night cream, and whitening cream. 3R stands for Refresh, Restore, and Rejuvenate and it claims to help improve the condition of your skin upon regular use.

The Kojic soap acts as your cleanser. I personally love the scent, it's super mild and smells like it could really clean. And unlike other kojic soaps I've tried, this doesn't dry too much that it stings. I was surprised at how pink this soap is. Nagsusumigaw sya mga besh haha. 

The cleansing toner, sadly, is something that I would replace with other toners. Yung milder. It smells like your regular toner, like Eskinol ganon, and it stings. I have some breakout on my face and putting an alcohol-based toner on it isn't really advisable so I'd skip this. 

Depends on the time of the day you are to use either the night cream or the whitening dream, funny how it wasn't labeled a day cream haha.

The night cream is lightweight and lotiony, and a little goes a long way. This acts as your moisturizer after putting the toner on. The whitening cream on the hand is thicker and whiter and leaves a light cast on your face that you need to blend well with your other makeup if you intend to go out. It acts as a sunscreen to help protect your face from harmful UV rays.

There's much to improve in terms of packaging and overall branding. Everything came in plastic and the lids on the creams kindof don't shut properly.

Sheer-C Serum
₱ 340

Sheer-C serum comes in a small push button dropper bottle that's really cute! The serum smells like orange zest and helps to retexturize and smoothen the skin. I like how it smells and how it's not too oily on the face. My only issue is that it dries sticky so it feels weird on the face hehe.

Curvetrim Juice
₱ 260

Oh this was such a delight! This slimming juice is filled with key ingredients designed to help us feel fuller between meals. There's garcinia cambogia, green tea, spirulina, l-carnitine, grapeseed, gluta, and collagen. It also has kalamansi, blueberry, green tea, and grapeseed, making for such a unique flavor. 

Dissolve a sachet in 120ml cold water and enjoy. It tastes like strawberry kalamansi juice which is oddly refreshing as we've never tried that combo before. As for the slimming effects, I can't really say because we downed 4 sachets in a pitcher of cold water while feasting on chips. What a cheat haha.


Aaaand that's it! For orders you may reach them on their Facebook page or Instagram.

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