My updated ₱10M wishlist

I was wandering around my blog and came across this post I made 2 years ago, where I listed down what I would do with ₱10M (without saving it for later). Thinking about it right now, as a married woman, my priorities have definitely changed. That fictional ₱10M would not be mine alone but me and my husband's. So here's a 2018 version of the ₱10M wishlist (assuming my husband agrees bwahaha): 1M still goes to my parents so they can buy a new car. With the excise tax and all obviously this wouldn't be enough to get an Isuzu MUX, but they can manage for sure hehe.

1M goes to my in-laws so they could also get a new car van.

1M goes to my parents for the expansion of our apartment building in Novaliches. I consider this an investment.

I previously mentioned I'd allot 5M to buy the vacant lot beside our family home but unfortunately it's already been sold. HUHU

Now my husband and I has 7M to spend! Now assuming we have to spend it all immediately, then here goes:

600K goes to paying off our remaining amortization with the car


6M goes to buying a 2BR unit at the building we currently live in

and finally,

400k goes to furnishing our new home!

Haaay, isn't it nice to dream! What's your 10M wishlist? :D

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