Watched: A Korean Odyssey

Watched this over Netflix and had a hard time finishing the series because it became dragging for me (sorry!). It's really from TVN but it says it's a Netflix original? I don't know the difference hehe. If you're not familiar with it, go ahead and watch it! Otherwise, you may want to skip this one.

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TVN makes really golden fantasy series, the effects and CG aren't perfect but it's better than most networks' attempts at adding special effects to their segments haha. It does feel a bit like Goblin, which came from the same network, so my expectations were high. They have so many similar themes:

There's a chosen child who grows up to be the love interest of a supernatural being
A supernatural being who's trapped, cursed, or waiting for something
This chosen being has a monumental task she needs to carry out before she dies
Which would mean the death of his lover
So there goes their dilemma
And of course the chosen one has to die, as a sacrifice or something
Oh and there's this rich butler too who has served this powerful supernatural being for ages

It was pretty. The story was catchy. There are so many lovable characters. My favorite is Richie and Lucifer King Woo Hee! The love story though? I don't knooooow. There wasn't any chemistry between Jin Seon-mi and Son O-gong at the start.

I was too distracted with Son O-gong's hair too that I couldn't see him as super pogi or something. Hindi naman talaga sya pogi, he has charisma but his hair kinda killed half of it. I was hoping they'd leave his original unkempt hair back when he was locked at the Marble Mountains, but no. Whatever fashion statement they're trying to introduce with his hair, GOOD LUCK.

Anyway. I liked the development of the story, from the revelation of Jin Seon-mi being Samjang up to the point when she learned what she has to sacrifice in order to save the world. However, her death was so blah. She got stabbed, that's it. And she bled to death just in time for Son O-gong to banish the evil dragon to end it all. Which I also have a problem with. All throughout the series it was kindof established how the deities up there have been playing with their lives and manipulating them to further their cause. Two of the most powerful monsters, Lucifer King Woo Hee and Son O-gong himself were played all along by these scheming white-clad bitches. They needed someone powerful to banish this evil dragon that's set to be unleashed by a misunderstood Priestess. So they manipulated the most powerful ones they know, who also happen to be the most notorious, into doing their bidding. Both of them knew that they're being toyed. They wouldn't have cared if the world perished. They're frkn immortal. But these higher beings? I thought they needed to get punished too. I would've wanted Son O-gong to do his mission completely and still be able torment the higher ups. Actually I was expecting him not to kill the dragon completely but to subdue it enough to become its master, then seal it on the rocky cliffs of Pocheon Art Valley. That would've been awesome. After all,  it's the dieties' fault Jin Seon-mi was destined to die. That's a total revenge for these prying gods. They'd be scared of Son O-gong even more. And Lucifer King would be delighted to know they somehow got back to their awful overlords.

But then. Oh well.

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Aaaah Jung Se Ra and Ah San yeo! This zombie is too adorable! Even as an evil priestess I can't bring myself to hate her totally. I knowww, because she's not the real villain right? It was supposed to be Kang Dae Song, the greedy professor turned politician. But his participation in the entire series isn't really engaging. You know who the real villains are? The deities.

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