[Review] Globe at Home Prepaid Wifi (w/ Homesurf599 promo)

While waiting for slots at Converge, we decided to use a prepaid wifi unit for the meantime. Globe offers this Prepaid Home Wifi Unit for ₱1,999, equipped with an LTE simcard. It boasts of 50% stronger wifi coverage and cheaper LTE promos (₱599 for 15GB good for 30days). During that time I was subscribed to Smart Bro Plan 499 (6GB monthly + FREE LTE pocket wifi), so I felt like I needed to switch immediately because the price difference is so huge! Alright, here's a rundown on important things you need to know before you fully decide on (not) getting this unit.

Where do I get one?

I bought mine at a Globe kiosk at Greenbelt, Makati. You don't have to pre-order this or line up at customer service, just go to any Globe kiosk or any prepaid load station and they pretty much have it. It's quite abundant out there! Again, this one's priced at ₱1,999 and comes with free 10GB data (valid for 7 days) upon activation.

What's in the box?

At the kiosk display, the router box looks pretty small and cute, so I was surprised when they took out a box that's 50% bigger than the one on display haha. Here's what's inside:

Prepaid wifi router
LAN cable
User manual
Instruction card (for activating)
LTE sim card (already inserted)

Globe at Home App
You'll be advised to download the Globe at Home mobile application to activate your unit. It's available for both Android and iOS users. To be honest, their app sucks big time. Aside from activating your unit, the only other purpose of the app is to give you info about your data usage - and it's not even working properly. The usage is not accurate and refreshing the app doesn't update your data in real-time uuurgh. Plus you'll keep getting this 'Request Error' bullshit that doesn't make sense. This app is sooo crappy I want it to die, I'm so angry just typing all this. It's just cute but doesn't really offer valuable functionalities. How the heck did this even get deployed.

It doesn't even show a graph of your daily usage so you wouldn't know why you're suddenly out of data (happened a lot of times to me).

And then you know, there's an option there that allows you to subscribe to surf promos, but it's freaking useless if you're not a Globe user. Clicking subscribe to any of the promos on the app will launch the native messenger of your phone, populate the message field with the promo code, and the recipient field with a Globe access code (2+10-digit Globe at Home number). So naturally, you can't reload it using a Smart/Sun/TnT number (see above photo). I'm frkn rolling my eyes at the lack of insight the developers put into this. Is it so hard to turn it into a web service instead? After all, you're already have to be online to open the app. Aaaaargh.


How to reload?
You can reload using the good ol' AutoloadMax. That's how I do it. 7-11 Cliq booths doesn't work. Suuuucks.

Surf promos
The major selling point of this unit is really the HomeSurf Promos which are exclusive to Globe at Home Prepaid Wifi users. Here they are:

GoSurf 50 - 1GB for ₱50 (valid for 3 days)
HomeSurf 15 - 1GB for ₱50 (add-on to GoSurf 50)
HomeSurf 349 - 10GB for ₱349 (valid for 10 days)
HomeSurf 599 - 15GB for ₱599 (valid for 30 days)

If you're a Globe user, you can register your prepaid wifi to any promos by texting the keyword and sending it to 2 + your 10-digit Globe at Home number. Note that there's 1 pesos service charge for every text.

For example, to register to Homesurf 599: text Homesurf 599 and send to 29171234567.

Alternatively, for non-Globe users, you can borrow a Globe phone from one of your friends and register using their phone lol. If you're not a fan of that (like I am), then you have to login directly into the admin panel of your wifi router and use the SMS messaging system of your unit.

Turn on your wifi, and go to on your browser (you can do this even without internet access). Login then open the SMS feature of the panel. Create a new message and send your desired keyword to 8080.

Speed tests

Alright, here are random speed tests conducted from our place in Mandaluyong. It was never blazing fast, and there were times it's utterly slow. Grr

Date Time Location Download (Mbps) Upload (Mbps) Ping
Feb 27 2018 1:09 PM Mandaluyong 0.73 11.85 22
Apr 6 2018 5:07 AM Mandaluyong 1.33 4.01 35
Apr 12 2018 2:57 AM Mandaluyong 3.26 2.32 23
This certain product isn't for heavy users who do a lot of streaming and downloading. It's good for casual browsing, and the performance still depends on where you are located. It does its job well supporting me on my late night surfing activities though, so I'm still a bit thankful for it. As long as I don't stream videos haphazardly, 15GB could last me 20 days.

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