Our invites are ready for distribution! Actually they've been ready for a couple of weeks now haha. Big labor of love for the design and DIY kraft envelopes. Please remind me to blog about all my wedding DIYs. So far we've made envelopes, boutonnieres, and flower balls for our flower girls. SO MUCH WORK. 

Today was cool. Met up with a couple of my college friends to hand out their invites. Ate a lot of pizza too. My weight loss journey is totally failing. I'm back to 150lbs after being 147lbs consistently for a couple of weeks. I blame Potato Corner.

Now I'm thinking of doing a juice cleanse a week before our prenup, which is next week. HAHA Wish me luck. I'm eyeing Pure Nectar by Fruit Magic because it's nearest hehe.

Tomorrow is my last working day at Pointwest. I'm torn between writing an email of gratitude to my teammates, here and abroad... or not bothering with it at all HAHA. I'm leaning more on writing something personal though because as much as I'm excited to move on to my next job, a part of me wanted to tell them how grateful I am of everything they've taught me. For one, I've finally found a place in the IT industry after being so frustrated about programming. And here I am, moving on to a new job with a same description, fortifying my expertise in the domain. <3

Anyway, will wrap this up because finally I have scripting work to do (read: exciting). I've been slacking off for the past couple of weeks and I've been itching to do some scripting. :)

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