Top 5 make-up trends this 2017

Honestly, I'm becoming more and more interested in make-up lately. My stack is still pretty basic though, but for someone who's not a beauty enthusiast I'm surprised quite a lot of trends caught me this year!

Here's 5 of the top beauty trends owning the internet this 2017:

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1. "No-makeup" makeup
Nude's still in. Girls want to look as bare as possible by putting as much as possible on their faces. Guilty as charged here! Neutral palettes and flesh-toned lipsticks are still so popular today, and for good reason. Nude makeup gives you a fresh and glowing finish that looks natural. Like you didn't even try (even if you sat two hours at the vanity). Don't we all want to look effortlessly beautiful?  No wonder Urban Decay's NAKED palette is such a huge success.

2. Bright and daring makeup
As much as nude makeup is in, this year is also the year where wild and extreme colors rose to popularity. Glittery lip gloss and neon eyeshadows, despite what people think, is more of a statement than a preference. Take California based Lime Crime Cosmetics, a line of vegan and cruelty-free makeup. Its creator, Doe Deere, takes pride in producing high quality and highly pigmented makeup fit for everyone who takes self-expression unapologetically.

3. Microbladed brows
Or at least, full looking and defined brows. Gone were the days when thin arched brows were lit. Right now, people are investing in all sorts of products to achieve more natural-looking brows. Even brow products are evolving. There are feather brow pens, 3-in-1 sculpting pencils, and even brow fibers now, can you believe it?

Microbladed brows, however, offer a more permanent and natural-looking solution so those who want to stick to this trend - which I presume will stay for another three years or so. It's a type of cosmetic tatooing involving an ultra thin and wispy blade that certified specialists use to manually draw hair on your skin. You know what, I'm actually saving up for this. 

4. Unique makeup brushes
Because regular makeup brushes are so effective, somebody decided it's time to reinvent them for more profit.  Beauty blenders, silicon sponges, paddle brushes are all the hype this year. I'm 110% skeptic at first, but in fairness, they're all the rave online. So I had to try them right? I personally have a beauty blender and I don't use it anymore haha. I have a couple of paddle brushes too and can I just say that they're cute and fluffy and feels super good on the skin. Other than that I'm good with my regular brush set! Haha

5. Excessive contouring
Not the most well-received trend, but still a very popular one at that. It's a complicated trick that's originally made for red carpet celebrities because it was meant for HD cameras and harsh lighting. How it suddenly gained mainstream popularity, I have no idea. Now, a highlighter, a contour powder, and tons of concealer are part of every girl's make-up kit, and Instagram has become their version of a red carpet.

Out of the 5 I didn't get particularly obsessed with bright makeup and contouring -- mostly because 1) contouring is hard and 2) I'm not too confident about sparkly things on my face! But for the rest, I was so in. I told you, I have paddle brushes and a beauty blender. I'm getting my brows microbladed one day. And the no-makeup makeup look is my daily game.

What beauty trends are you following this year?

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