While waiting for my script to run long enough without throwing up errors, let me waste some time here. This week, I was busy struggling to balance my work and life. Work being my daily QA job, and life -- watching Song Joong-Ki. Hm.

Joong-Ki is pretty much what my life is about for a week now. If I'm not obsessing about the actresses he's been linked to, I'm actively waiting for the next episode of Descendants of the Sun -- by watching his other dramas (right now: Innocent Man).

I know this'll die over time. See, I grew tired of thinking about Tom Wlaschiha after Season 2 of Game of Thrones. On his return to Season 5, I thought my obsession would come back but no. No sparks took off. Oh well, the man has brought good feelings and a girl is grateful.

My record of obsessions says a lot about me, I've learned. One is that absence makes my heart grow farther, and the other is that I'm not one to wait.

To be honest, I'm feeling bored and pathetic. 11 minutes and counting for the script I'm running. This needs to hold for at least 15 minutes before I can confidently march out of this frkn office and face the unbelievably scorching 8am sun. I hate the summer heat.

I don't even have the strength to think of happy thoughts for this week's Happy List. That's why I'm feeling pathetic. Didn't anything nice happen this week? Oh sure there are, but at the risk of oversharing I'll just keep them to myself and God. Oh God, aren't you tired of the mundane things I keep yapping about.

Not to be totally random, the script I'm running has something to do with creating bids, hence the title.

Yosh, 16 mins. Let's abort the script and go.

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