Friday's 10 Happy Things // 2

Hope the week has been awesome for you goys. I'm excited to go home! Here's round two for the series:

1. Minneapolis pasyal

Saturday - we went to a museum, a sculpture garden, and a bridge by the ruins!

Ai, Ge, Dan, Me, Aime (Photo from Ge) 

2. Things I wish I knew when I was younger

It's a short ebook full of wisdom. I felt so happy after reading it. Get your free copy here. You will be asked for you email so just carry on hehe :D

3. Proposal by the ruins

That I hope won't be telling of their future. We passed by this scene last Saturday at the Stone Arch Bridge by Mill Ruins Park. We were careful not to react too early, waiting for the affirmative. And when the guy rose and the couple hugged, the air was filled with cheer! Congratulations! <3

4. My FOREX box just arrived!

Time to get serious packing up.

5. Sendoff with teammates

Ate lunch at Persis Indian Grill. I can't say I hate Indian food, but my tolerance to spicy dishes is just really ma-epal. It's happy cos my manager treated me huehue

6. I made panna cotta

I thought it was gonna suck cos I'm quite a failure at the kitchen, but my goodness, I make good panna cotta! HAHA The first batch I made was kindof bitin so earlier this evening I made another batch. I'm calling it pan-a-cotta. Can you guess how much I made?! (kainis no)

7. I'm rebranding!

From being a self-titled blogger to being The Blahger! Cos you know, life's so full of blah. Arte! What do you think? lelz

8.  I exercised!

Wow what a milestone. I wanted to bike but the weather isn't as permitting as last week and my inactivity is weighing me down a lot lately like literally haha. So there, Monday evening I pushed myself to do a round of Drop 10 and well, I dropped dead.

9. Stone Arch Bridge

It overlooks a part of the Mississipi river and is suuuuch a beauty at night.

10. It's Jeckie's Birthday!!!

Happy birthday my love! <3

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