Daylight Savings Time

Can't really think of any title right now so yeah, DST. It's just something random that came to mind in hopes of avoiding another 'what's up' or 'heya' entry (I've tons already, my creativity is dying). Okaaaaay, so that it won't be too random, I'll just have to say something about it right?!

So DST happened yesterday at this part of the globe, and who knows where else (I don't really care), meaning the time was pulled back by an hour. I don't really know why, too lazy to research but hooray for extra sleep yeah? Or extra cleaning time! Yesterday was a major major cleaning day. Much more major than the cleaning I did the first week I arrived here (mostly flatting out boxes haha). We freakin shampooed the carpets at the living room and the hallway. While it wasn't spotless clean, it was definitely brighter than when I arrived here haha! Also, yeyy for learning to use another home appliance! Ze carpet shampooer, whatever you call that.

I'm just starting my third week here in the US and so far I am very very impressed at how they manage homes here. There's just too much appliance! Back at home we only have a refrigerator, a stove, and an oven. Super basic tropical third world necessities HAHA. But here they usually have a two door fridge, a dishwasher, a microwave, an electric stove burner, a washing machine, a dryer, a vacuum cleaner, a sink with garbage disposal, and an automatic garage door. Everything is pretty much plugged and are setup for convenience. And those are just the basics.

And since helpers aren't uso here, I have to do everything on my own. Wash my own laundry, clean my own platessss (antakaw eh), fix my bed, iron my clothes, and generally help maintain the entire house. Mind you, it is fun! I particularly like cleaning the kitchen and arranging stuff. I'm partly OC so I try to arrange everything and keep the symmetry and color balance in check. Nakakainis ang arte diba, and since I don't have money for furniture, I'll just keep putting things in order haha. I want to replace the curtain valance here in my room though argh.

Anywaaaay, I'm really here to brag about my latest snap and my favorite fall photo so far. I was surprised how this photo came out since it was a quick shot while we're driving away from the house. I love how the focus of the picture is on the tree and how everything around it seems to be moving towards it; the clouds, the angle of the roofs, the street on the left, and even the shadows. Like the tree is something magical that sucks the energy around it to keep it from falling (pun intended).The lamp post may be vertical but it breaks the angle just fine, it even stands in the center of the pine tree behind it. Wala lang jinajustify ko lang HAHA.

These are times I want to challenge myself if I really take good photos or everything around me is just picture perfect. HAHA Pero malamang let's stick to the latter cos that's what it most definitely is. haha

This is, by the way, the house in front of us. Look, it's for sale! XD

Also, I kindof gained two kilos already ARGH. I need to exercise. #asa

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