Yellow Cab's Man vs. Pizza Challenge: a different kind of date

Last Friday (August 21) I accompanied Jeckie to a pizza eating contest hosted by Yellow Cab at SM City San Lazaro. He was one of those selected to participate after filling out an online form at facebook. We were both excited for it because heyyyy you don't always get free 18" pizza just by joining, and if he actually wins that's FREE MONTHLY SUPPLY OF PIZZA FOR 6 MONTHS okay?! Ohaaaaa!

When we came to the event we weren't expecting to see a stage set up specifically for it at the mall activity center. I thought they were just gonna have them eat inside the restaurant or something haha. Syaliiiiin!

When the event started (around 15 minutes late), we were disappointed to hear that we have to wait 20 minutes pa for they're starting with the female division first. When they called the girls up, they were lacking 2 participants so they opened the stage to anyone (or two) who wants to join from the audience. My boyfriend pushed me to join, I was reluctant shempre, but it didn't take long for me to decide. I have nothing to lose, in fact it's a win-win thing. What's devouring a New Yorker pizza on stage in front of an audience in exchange for that box and a possibility of winning?! I totally overcame stage fright! LOL

Para sa ekonomiya ng Pilipinas!
So I shot a hand up and made my way to the stage. Oraaaayt. This is eat! All I have to do is enjoy the box! Who cares if I just came from a buffet breakfast?! Free pizza is free. :D

Female division - 20 mins. time limit. That's me on the MAN ;)
Male division - 15 mins. time limit! Jeckie taking my spot para sweet daw sabi nung host LOL
In the end, we both lost with a few bites, but that's totally okay. I finished 4.something slices within the 20 minutes time limit and Jeckie ate 5.something slices in 15 minutes.

We took home a lot of pizza, umbrellas, super cute Yellow Cab notebooks with stickers and coupons inside, and painful jaws! Oh yeah! Super worth it!

Watch out for the next Man vs. Pizza Challenge! I heard they're opening another contest this September at Paseo Center, Makati City! I hope there'll be one at UP TechnoHub too! Woooh! :D

Aaaaand since it turned out to be quite a date, here's a pic of us! <3 Naisip ko nga, why don't we join eating contests often?! It's cheap and we get to eat a lot. haha

2nd placers waddup!
Before I end, let me share a few tips I gathered on the spot while munching on the ginormous slices. I mean, just in case you want to join. These are just based on my experience okay, may or may not work for you. haha

  1. Start with the smallest slices first. My strategy was to fold two slices together like a sandwich and eat. They count by most slices eaten anyway so you want to leave the big slices behind haha. I only started this on my 3rd and 4th slices because I wasn't thinking haha
  2. Use small amounts of water to soften the mass of food in your mouth so you can swallow easier. You can also use water to push the food. Up to you!
  3. Bite big, chew less, and try to swallow it whole. LOL. Do this if you're super competitive and is really after the time. Don't do this if you want to enjoy your food haha. I didn't do this cos I only thought about it after the contest. I noticed some of the boys doing this but even if I thought about it sooner, I wouldn't dare, ma-choke pa ko haha. 
  4. ENJOY THE FOOD. Of course! In times like this where there's nothing at stake, there's no stopping you from having fun while being in the spirit of competition! :D
BONUS: Ridiculous tips cos there are no rules against them anyway haha
  1. Bring a blender with you, blend the hell out of that box, and drink to your mouth's protest
  2. Pretend to eat the pizza but really do a magic trick to make it disappear
  3. Sabotage your opponents by secretly putting your slices in their box while they're busy 
Lol hope this helps :P

Congratulations to the winners and of course, to Yellow Cab!

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